The Clockmaker, Hungerford

127 High Street Hungerford Berkshire RG17 0DL, UK

We have a wide range of clocks for sale, from affordable clocks starting well under £50 to valuable antique clocks and barometers.

We also offer a specialised restoration service with the ability & experience to be able to service and restore a whole range of clocks from the 16th Century through to the present day.

Come to us when something goes wrong or it becomes erratic & unreliable. All our servicing is based on a holistic approach. The movement is dismantled and all parts are thoroughly cleaned and checked. If any wear is found this is removed before reassembly, oiling and testing. If replacement parts are needed, these are readily available for more modern clocks.

We provide a cost estimate following an initial examination and prior to starting any work. Once this is accepted we do our best to keep to this. We are justifiably proud of our comprehensive three-year guarantee which is provided on all our work. This covers all parts and labour and ensures that customers can have confidence in the quality of our work. Unusually, it also covers mainsprings. If you need help in setting up your clock at home, we initially offer advice by telephone.

"Brilliant service. Friendly and helpful.Thanks very much for fixing our lovely clock."
Clare Stanley

"Our table clock was in need of total refurbishment and this he has done. He kept us totally up to date with what was needed and it is now back looking lovely. Thank you Chris!"
Linda Williamson


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