Spotlight Charity Providing Essential Support in West Berkshire during Coronavirus

Spotlight UK have been providing emergency food parcels across West Berkshire since 16th March.  They have provided 3 meals a day/7 days a week to over 17500 people, totalling over 367,000 meals.  They have an amazing team of volunteers including a great team at Newbury Rugby Club and a food hub at the Burdwood Centre in Thatcham where they make up food parcels. They have also been approached to join forces with the Lambourn Junction to take over from them to enable the food hub there to keep running and also have teamed up with volunteers from Hermitage to run food hub there.

Spotlight originally started providing parcels for a number of Lambourn residents and a request came in from The Lambourn Junction for some spare parcels as they were getting a higher demand. So Spotlight offered to help buy them stock each week with funding they have received from Greenham Trust and National Lottery plus some local businesses to support the Lambourn Junction and Hermitage Hubs.  They have also been able to help provide collections for them through Waitrose and Tesco in Newbury and Thatcham as well as providing excess stock for Thatcham and Hermitage hubs.

“It was lovely to be approached to help support these hubs as that is what our work is all about,” explains Spotlight chair Michaela Riley.  “We had been providing food parcels prior to Covid as part of the family support we provided in schools so this is great to be able to support more local families in need.  We hope to be able to provide a whole services approach in the future of family support, food/clothes hub of free items, youth projects, youth mentoring and trips out etc so we can offer a whole family approach which is how we work.”

Youth Activities Offered in Lambourn, Hermitage and Thatcham

Spotlight are in the process of setting up youth activities across Thatcham, Lambourn and Hermitage for 8 – 16 years. They would love to hear from any parents as to what their children would like to do but currently cannot access either because its not available or is too expensive etc. Please email  for more details.

About Spotlight UK

Spotlight UK have been providing support including Family Support, 1-2-1 Youth Mentoring, emergency food parcels, intergenerational projects, youth clubs, trips out, holiday clubs, after school clubs, low cost or free performing arts and sports activities for children and young people for the last 11 years in Basingstoke, last 2 years in Portsmouth, and the last 8 months in West Berkshire.

They work to increase confidence, self esteem, social interaction and mental wellbeing as well as provide a safe and fun environment for young people to have fun.

Over the last 11 years they have staged over 100 musicals and shows and for the last three years they have taken over 185 children per year to perform on a West End stage. They do not look for the best performers it is about giving children the chance to engage with the arts at very low cost and have fun, make new friends and build in confidence and self esteem.

We also provide special treats and experiences for children who have experienced trauma in their lives as our view is we cannot take away the past but we can provide special new memories.

For more information please visit or call Chairman Michaela Riley on 07804 880072



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