East Garston Village Hall and Social Club has re-opened

The East Garston Village Hall and Social Club re-opened on Friday 17 July 2020 with the following additional restrictions and conditions.

Social Club

  • Open Friday and Saturday 7pm to 11pm.
  • Toilets limited to two people at any one time.
  • No children under 12 will be allowed inside for the first weekend – to be reviewed.
  • All customers must be seated.
  • Maximum of 20 people at any one time allowed in bar area.
  • There will be seating outside.
  • Pool, snooker, darts, fruit machine will not be allowed for the first weekend – to be reviewed.
  • Hand sanitizer points to be used by all customers.
  • Please follow the guidelines when ordering drinks.
  • Any infringement of the rules and regulations will result in your not being served drinks and being asked to leave the premises.

Village Hall

  • Open to clubs and individuals by appointment.
  • The kitchen will be shut.
  • Toilets cannot be used.
  • If playing table tennis you must use your own equipment.


Tel: 01488 648 555
Email (Social Club): ray.douglasinstruments@gmail.com
Tel: (for Village Hall hire): 01488 649 770 (day) or 648 385 (evenings)
Email (Village Hall): edjames@sportingagenda.co.uk


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