Corvid Dawn Wild Bird Rescue Sanctuary

Aimee Wallis from Corvid Dawn Wild Bird Rescue Sanctuary is well known across England as a Corvid specialist but she will rescue all British wild birds including song birds, birds of prey, waterfowl and pigeons. Aimee has been running the sanctuary for 7 years and receives about 1,000 enquiries from the public every year who have found injured birds in the wild or have pet birds they can’t look after any more.

Aimee has the capacity to take in about 200 birds every year.

This female blackbird called Thelma was rescued from a cat and brought to Aimee when she was a new fledgling at a week old.

Aimee hand-fed her and gave her antibiotics until she was ready to live in the aviary with her sister Louise.

The period in the aviary is important for the birds to break the bond with humans before they are released back into the wild.

Thelma and Louise have now been successfully returned to the wild.

Aimee specialises in reversing imprinted birds that have been tamed to rehabilitate them back into the wild. This involves a lengthy period of reducing human contact and increasing contact with the other birds in her aviary.

She also offers long term care for birds that need more time to recover or are old and need somewhere safe to live for the rest of their lives.


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