World Anthem composer James C. Johnson (Jim) fundraising for Hungerford Self-Isolation Network

Thanks to Chris Hook for this biography of composer James (Jim) Johnson who is raising funds for Hungerford Self-Isolation Group with his World Anthem 

Jim Johnson is a familiar face around Hungerford. Indeed, artist Gail Davies chose to paint his portrait which was displayed in a recent gallery in the town hall. Jim and his wife Moyna moved from London to Hungerford around 1971 and have three daughters Nadine, Emma and Lydia. 

Jim’s musical achievements have been many and varied but include playing keyboards for bands featuring renowned musicians including Brian Eno, Cozy Powell, Jess Roden, Neil Murray and Fleetwood Mac’s legendary guitarist Peter Green, with whom Jim toured Europe as part of his Splinter Group. 

As well as entertaining local audiences when participating with various musical projects over the years including The Clive Collective, Prairie Dog, Cluster, The Rod Garfield Band and more, Jim’s composing skills have led him to produce music for TV commercials. Cadbury’s Snack, Mars, Martini, Pepsi, Nationwide Building Society, Hennara, Lego, Johnson’s Cotton Buds and Savlon have all benefited from his musical creations.

As a songwriter and producer, Jim was also involved with EMI, Zomba Music, Chappell Music and, as a musical consultant, Akai. 

However his great love has always been composing instrumental musical pieces. His composition; The Rainforest Suite has been performed as a ballet and with impresario Guy Fletcher he wrote a suite for European Cities. The album was called The European Suite , depicting musically the cities of Vienna, Rome, Paris, Athens, Madrid, Dublin and London. Tracks from the album have been used extensively for documentaries, short films and were used for The Commonwealth Games background music.

Jim’s latest work; World Anthem , with guest musicians, Snowy White, John Marter, Nick Beere, Nicky James, Lydia Johnson (one of James’s daughters), and Josh Mason, encompasses his skill at creating memorable anthems.



World Anthem (with an additional track), is available on CD (or download) for £5 with profits in aid of the Hungerford Self-Isolation Network. 

Buy them from:
Hungerford Tesco,
Christian Alba’s Butcher,
Jim at 07767 370730
Geordie Taylor, Hungerford Self Isolation Network on 07761 012413.

Listen to our interview with Jim about the background to World Anthem and why he wants to fundraise at this time (plus a sneaky preview of the track):


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