West Berkshire Council’s Local Outbreak Control Plan for Covid-19

Rather belatedly, the government has asked local authorities to develop Local Outbreak Control Plans (LOCP) to prevent and control regional outbreaks of the virus. West Berkshire Council has recently produced its LOCP. This aims to minimise further spread or recurrence of Covid-19 across West Berkshire: it also identifies further measures that might need to be taken should a regional flare-up make this necessary.

This is a local response, acting within government guidelines and involving a number of local organisations. As the introduction to the LOCP states, ‘as national restrictions are lifted, sporadic cases are likely which will need local knowledge and action to prevent spread.’

A statement from West Berkshire Council said that ‘the key aims of the plan are to detail roles and responsibilities in prevention and management of Covid-19, recognise and respond to outbreaks and prevent the further spread and recurrence of infection. Coordinated communication with the public, partners and the media will also be an integral part of the Outbreak Control Plan.’

You can see West Berkshire’s LOCP here.


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