Unique Lockdown Blanket in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support

A group of Swindonian crafters have created a stunning and unique blanket to symbolise the 2020 lockdown experience. They are now selling the blanket on eBay to raise money for a great cause.

Swindon Stitch and Bitch are a crafting group who meet up every week to enjoy yarn crafts together, however since March and the start of the lockdown they haven’t be able to meet in person and have only got together in Zoom meetings online. Part of what the group likes to do is to work on group projects. They have made a few displays for the Local Shopping centre and Swindon Museum and Art Gallery as well as yarn bombing the town of Swindon, but of course this has stopped since the lockdown.

Inspired by other similar projects, the group decided to hand craft a blanket to raise money for charity and to record their historical experience of lock-down in yarn form, in a similar way that women recorded the story of the battle of Hastings in the Bayeux tapestry.

Tracey Major the group’s leader said “We love working on group projects, it brings the group together and gives us a goal to work together on. I think projects are also really good for mental well-being, and everyone needs a bit of that right now with everyone having to isolate and spend so much time at home. This project has been great to be a part of because it captures a moment in history and that’s a very special thing. The blanket is amazing and is truly unique, every square has meaning behind it and makes you think about the past 12 weeks of lock-down.

Made with forty, eight-inch squares lovingly sewn together, the squares give an insight into life in lockdown. The square are a mixture of knitting, crochet and embroidery which utilises the skills of the whole group.

There are squares depicting ‘Home’ where people have been spending their time. There are squares with rainbows showing how the population have been in support of the NHS. There are squares about social distancing and others that show how people have been passing their isolation time. It is a great work of art and everyone has put a lot of thought into the squares and what they wanted to represent.

The blanket has been listed for sale on eBay and the winning bidder will receive the blanket. The money raised from the auction will go in full directly to Macmillan Cancer Support. The group chose this charity because of the excellent and caring work they do.

Please do go and look at the eBay listing for the blanket and have a little bid, and if you can’t bid please share the listed on your social media so that we can raise as much money as possible for Macmillan Cancer Support.


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