Local business offers a new solution to help other businesses come out of lockdown

Ken from Hungerford-based exhibition and events company, Perceptions Associates has been busy during lockdown creating a new product to help others come out of lockdown.

Q How has coronavirus affected you?

A. Like all businesses, we have had to be flexible and adaptable and we are delighted that as a result we are able to help other businesses to come out of lockdown. We have adapted our normal exhibition product line into a new concept called 2MShield which provides a solution for employers who are keen to have their people safely back in the office adhering to government guidelines on social distancing while maintaining normal levels of staff in the office.

Q. Sounds great. What is 2MShield exactly?

A. It is a modular aluminium system that includes an acrylic (commonly referred to by the brand name Perspex) insert panel which is easy to install and does not require any fixtures or fittings. The system can also include a foamex panel or a combination of both acrylic and foamex. The panels look permanent but can actually be easily removed if in the future, companies felt able from a health & safety government advice perspective to do so. But until then, they allow company’s office or relaxation areas to be organised for colleagues and customers maintaining two metre social distancing in a comfortable, professional and customer and colleague friendly manner. Being transparent they are discrete and allow people to still see and talk to each other easily.

Q. Do the panels only work on office desks?

A. No, we are also supplying hairdressers and gyms for example. The panels can fit into pretty much any working environment.

Q. How is your supply of acrylic and foamex at this time?

A. We use a lot of acrylic and foamex in our exhibition business so luckily we had a fair amount in stock when lockdown started and we have a good relationship with our suppliers in mainland Europe. Currently, we have enough of all materials to supply panels to businesses across the local area.

Also with our exhibitions experience we are very good at designing and branding exhibition stands for companies to help them stand from their competitors. So another advantage of 2MShield is that all or any part of the system is easy to brand with your own or supplier logos etc. So, it is ideally multi-functional.

Q. Are there any other aspects of the system we should know about?

It is a system that is quite robust for use in a variety of scenarios. It is also easy to wipe down and clean both during and at the end of the working day.


For details on how ‘”2MShield’ can be used for a myriad of main office, back office, communal areas and customer areas, please contact Ken and the team by email at ken@perceptionsmgt.co.uk or at ken@2metreofficeshield.com or by calling  07967 821092


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