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Team Scrubbers Newbury Area was set up during lockdown by Katie Wallis (see interview below) in Hamstead Marshall to make scrubs (sanitory clothing) for the Great Western Hospital in Swindon.

Latest News

Thanks to the generosity of our donors not only did everyone make beautiful scrubs, masks and headbands but ‘Team Scrubbers’ also raised £5378. We spent £1548.53 on fabric, thread and other materials and also received generous contributions of fabric from John Lewis, S & C Slatter, Daisy Whitehead, Romo fabrics,  support from Cutting Edge Fabrics, Crown Needlework, Pixel Squid, design Ostrich print and Fowler Architecture  and many anonymous donations. The donations during the pandemic were collected by Mary Wilson and we feel it’s now time to hand the surplus of £3829.47 to the ‘Brighter Futures‘ Charity to support those affected directly or indirectly by COVID.

Also, we have left over fabric so please contact Katie on if you are interested in it. Some of you already make items for charities so please have some fabric-  if you could let me know which ones then it would be lovely to let the sponsors know how all the fabric has gone to more good causes. … or please feel free to take some material for personal use in exchange for a direct donation to Brighter Futures.


Katie had the idea when her friend Sarah Irby, a consultant at GWH, told her how short of scrubs the hospital is. Normally only A&E staff wear scrubs but with the virus situation, many more staff need to wear them, sometimes more than one set each day. The team have made an incredible 80 scrubs in the first 3 weeks and as soon as their next batch of fabric arrives they hope to make many more.

“I have been overwhelmed by the kindness and goodwill of local people wanting to help in the team. We have found an amazing amount of proficient sewers and other people helping too,” explains Katie “and we are very lucky to have been able to source material and local companies, including John Lewis, S & C Slatter and private people, have kindly donated. Thanks to the skills of our volunteers, the end product is very professional with a traceable chain. All our volunteers social distance and step back if they have any symptoms themselves”.

Sarah takes the scrubs straight to the hospital where they get laundered before use, so the gowns are going directly to where they are needed rather than sitting in a depot waiting to be sorted. After use the scrubs are washed by the hospital laundry and re-used. 

When enough scrubs have been made for Great Western Hospital, the team are planning to provide them for NHS Newbury Care Homes.

If you want to join or set up a group in your own area

There are lots of sewing groups now across the country that you can join or create yourself.

The national ScrubHub website has guidance on setting up a group in your area that supplies doctors rather than trusts or hospitals (see the South Oxfordshire and Berkshire hub here).

Also see the Oxfordshire Crafters for Scrubs facebook group and For the Love of Scrubs national facebook group.


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