Lambourn Neighbourhood Development Plan – April 2020 update

Is being confined to home making you think about the buildings and open spaces around you? Have you noticed particular things you’d never paid attention to or appreciated before? If so, the Lambourn Neighbourhood Development Plan team would like to hear from you.

Character Appraisal for the LNDP

A character appraisal is part of making a neighbourhood development plan (NDP). The aim is to define what features make the area covered by the NDP special so that its character may be preserved or enhanced.

The Steering Group of the Lambourn Neighbourhood Development Plan know from the answers to the recent residents’ survey that the local environment is very important to the community, but now we need more details. Descriptions and pictures of things listed below, along with the reasons why you like – or dislike – them will all help to make planning policies to guide the future of the civil Parish of Lambourn.

Contributions should be sent to Thank you for your help.

Please take photographs, but only during your permitted exercise time and ensure you observe social distancing.

Your Parish – Your Plan

Checklist for Character Appraisal:

Features of importance

  • Trees
  • Hedgerows
  • Types of enclosure – do residents prefer walls, hedges, fencing (if so what type), how about large gates to properties are these popular?
  • Open spaces (any size)
  • Buildings etc. of historic interest (could be buildings, monuments, milestones or other structures, listed or not)
  • Locally specific assets
  • Local wildlife areas (not just SSSIs and nature reserves, but places important to residents e.g. bluebell woods)


  • Examples of new development (including extensions to buildings), that residents believe to be well designed
  • Examples of inappropriate new development (including extensions to buildings)

Highways & Sustainable Travel

  • Roads where parking is a problem
  • Roads where heavy traffic is a problem (including junctions)
  • Roads where it is difficult for pedestrians to walk safely
  • Routes used by horses


  • Views from public footpaths, roads and publicly accessible open space, into and out of settlements.

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