Keeping energies positive during self-isolation


With the current outbreak of the Corona virus and people needing to self isolate or preparing for possible self isolation, what does this mean to you? Does staying in your home fill you with excitement or absolute dread?

My name is Emma Loveheart and I am a home healer. I work with clearing negative energies in the home to make homes the safe and welcoming place they should be.

What does confinement mean to you?

To help you understand how you feel about being confined to your home, I have a little exercise for you.

Take a minute to centre yourself and sit quietly without distraction. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a white room. In the middle of the room is a large bed, covered with white sheets and blankets and white plush pillows. To the side is a comfy upholstered easy chair strewn with white blankets and squishy pillows. There are no windows or doors, just you and the room.

There are one of two ways to view this scenario. One is panic, where despite the comfort of the bed and chair, there are no doors or windows so you can’t get out, and therefore could feel trapped. The other scenario is one of bliss. You can relax on the bed or chair in comfort. No one can disturb you. You can just be, go within, relax in the moment.

There is no right or wrong, it just shows you where you are in your belief system. For me, the vision immediately brings me peace and tranquility. Personally, I could spend a lot of time in that space, although it doesn’t get much work done! Having said that I need to go to that space, as it has become an important part of my existence. It allows me to find some freedom in my head and subsequent clarity.

If the opposite is the case for you, then you are living in a physical realm. This is a very day to day existence. It takes everything at face value. Perhaps if you could live in a more spiritual way, then should you find yourself confined to your home, you may be more at ease with the prospect.

What about the energy in your home?

Everything is made up of energy, be it positive or negative.

I work with energies within the home. So even if you are comfortable being confined, the thought might still fill you with dread if there are negative energies around you.

On my website I ask several questions to evaluate how home is for you.

  • Do you feel at peace?
  • Is your home your sanctuary?
  • Do you feel comfortable with the space around you?
  • Do you feel energised and nourished by the space around you?
  • Is everyone living at home calm and respectful?

Should the answer to any of these questions be no, then you may be living with some unwanted negative energies. Thankfully this is solvable, and my healing work looks at removing psychic activity attached to people and within the home, as well as healing draining earth energies. Clearing all these factors can make for a much happier home environment. It often leads to an urge to tidy and declutter, and people find relationships improve. A welcome benefit if you are spending more time together!

If you think there might be low energy in your home, I offer free assessments of the energy which can be applied for through my website

What short-term fixes are there to improve energy?

In the short term however, there are some fixes you can take to help improve the energy within your home, and sel-isolation provides a great opportunity to do this.

The first challenge is to ‘accept’ that you are going to be confined to your home. Sounds simple but is really important, otherwise you will be continually fighting the confinement. The next stage is treat the time as an opportunity and take the following steps.

1. Tidy Up and De-clutter

We all have clutter around us, but this stagnates energy. It stops energy from flowing through the home which includes positive energy flow. Having clear space around you also gives you clarity. This is your chance to go through your wardrobe, clear out draws and cupboards.  See this as a positive experience, what clothes or items can be passed on to friends or charity, mended or sold on.

2. Focus on three key areas

Tidying up the areas of the home that relate to areas in your life is a great opportunity. Three key areas of challenge for us are usually wealth, health and relationships. Parts of our home represent these areas so if they are clear for energy to flow, then things could improve greatly. As you look at your home from the front door, the left hand back corner represents wealth, the centre of the home is health and the back right corner is relationships. These are Feng Shui principles and having these areas clear will help manifest positive changes as an added bonus.

3. Remain positive in yourself

As soon as you let fear, doubt and anger creep in, you lower your vibrational energy and can attract negative energies. The negative energies love it when you do this so keep them away by keeping your spirits high whilst at home. Listen to some relaxing or upbeat music, depending on your mood. Get outside in the garden for some fresh air. You can use bowls of salt water around the house to absorb any negative energies. Simply refresh daily. Light a candle for the soft light it creates or for the scent. If you have them, you can also raise vibrational energy with bells or a singing bowl.

This too will pass

Finally remember, that like everything in life, this too will pass. Nothing lasts forever, that is a given. What we don’t know of course is how long it will last. What we do know however, is that we WILL get through this challenging time and lessons will be learnt. The whole world is in this together right now, so we can take some solace in that.

Love and light to you all as always.


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