Tribute to the Leek

Leeks are one of our favourite vegetables as they are so tasty, easy to grow and contain many unique flavonoid antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that have proven health benefits. It’s status as the national emblem of Wales probably dates back to pre-Christian times when it was revered as a cure for the common cold, relief for labour pains and protection against wounds in battle.

Growing Leeks

Leeks are easy to germinate and they last all winter providing welcome greens (I cut the green leaves off to cook nearly every day). They don’t get eaten by pests and you can even cut them down to a few inches above the ground and they will grow again. You just need to protect them from frost.


Leek Recipes

Leeks are a very versatile ingredient and can be substituted for onions in most recipes. Their strong flavour makes them especially popular in quiches, omlettes and soups.

Cawl is a hearty stew made of meat, leeks and any other vegetables available and is the traditional Welsh recipe for St David’s Day. 

Leek and Potato Soup and Vichyssoise (the cold version devised by the chef of the Algonquin Hotel in New York).

Leek vinaigrette – this classic French dish was my granny’s favourite leek recipe

Leek, quorn lardons & gnocci recipe from Belinda at Hungerford Allotments.

Cheesy Leeks on Toast by Romilla Arber from Honesty Group from her popular What’s for Dinner? Second Helpings recipe book:

Cheesy Leeks on Toast

Leeks have been prized by cooks since Roman times and are now considered ‘super’ vegetables, as they are helpful in reducing bad cholesterol and linked to the lowering of the risk of heart disease. I think they are super because they taste fantastic


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