Town & Manor of Hungerford Postpones 2020 Hocktide Celebrations due to Coronavirus

Hungerford Town & Manor

Hocktide Events to be Postponed due to Coronavirus

Given the serious nature of the Coronavirus and that the latest advice is that the risk of infection is expected to be at its peak in April or May, the Town and Manor of Hungerford has taken the difficult decision to postpone the traditional Hocktide celebrations.

This will include cancellation of the Hocktide luncheon and associated traditions such as the ale tasting, Tutti Day and the Constable’s Parade.  The Town and Manor is planning to hold the smaller ceremonial events of the Macaroni Supper, Hocktide Court and Court Leet.

Nicholas Lumley, Constable to the Town & Manor of Hungerford, said, “It is with a heavy heart that I am postponing the great Hungerford tradition of Hocktide. I may well be the first Constable to have to do this but I strongly believe it is in the best interest of Hungerford. We will find other ways to celebrate the amazing history of our town over the coming year.”

This is the first time in living memory that the Hocktide events have been postponed.

The Town & Manor will be monitoring the situation and may have to further cancel small events, depending on government advice.

Full details of changes:

The events that have been postponed are:

  • Ale Tasting
  • Hocktide Luncheon
  • Tuttimen collecting Tithes
  • The Town Band concert
  • Constable’s Parade & Service

The events that we still plan to hold are:

  • Watercress Supper, 10 March
  • Commons Clear-up, 5 April
  • Selection of Hocktide Jury, 14 April
  • Macaroni Supper, 17 April
  • Hocktide Court, 21 April
  • Court Leet, 24 April

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