Hungerford Self-Isolation Network and the local vaccination arrangements – January 2021 update

Hungerford Self-Isolation Network

January 2021 update

On 4 January 2021, the government ordered another national lockdown with effect from the following day. In many ways similar to the first lockdown in the spring and early summer of 2020, this will once again put many people in the situation where they require help with matters such as deliveries of food and prescriptions, particularly if they are shielding.

The good news for residents of Hungerford is that the Self-Isolation Network is able to help with the following things:

  • Collection and delivery of groceries
  • Collection and delivery of prescriptions
  • As a last resort, transport to and from vaccination centres (see below for more on this).

Contact Geordie on 07836 330 815 or hungerfordselfisolation@gmail.comif you need any assistance.


As you may be aware, a mass vaccination exercise of Hungerford’s residents will take place at Newbury Racecourse, commencing Monday 11 January. The location is not ideal, but the nature of the Pfizer vaccine’s requirement for large-volume, deep-chilled storage necessitates this approach.

(It has recently been decided that residents with significant mobility issues will be vaccinated at home, rather than having to travel to Newbury Racecourse. They will receive the Oxford/Astra vaccine when it becomes available to our health authority. This may result in those patients having to wait a little longer for their vaccine but they will still be prioritised accordingly.)

When will I receive my vaccine?

An independent group of experts has recommended that the NHS first offers these vaccines to those at highest risk of catching the disease and of suffering serious complications or dying from COVID-19. This includes older adults in care homes and frontline health and social care workers. More information can be found by clicking here

Your surgery will inform you of your appointment date, time and venue over the coming days and weeks – please don’t contact the surgery, they will contact you.

Transport assistance – if you need it

Ideally, you’ll be able to make your own way to the Racecourse for your appointment if you aren’t having your jab at home. If not, hopefully you can ask family, friends or neighbours to take you. However, if those options aren’t open to you, the Hungerford Self-Isolation Support Network of volunteers is alive and active and, with the help of the CHAIN Handybus, we will ensure that you get to your appointment on time.

If you need their help – and ONLY when you have the date and time of your appointment – call 07836 330815 and the Self-Isolation Network will make the transport arrangements. Whilst  every effort will be made to make your trip there and back as safe as possible, the decision to seek our assistance is entirely yours. Remember, this service is free. 

Here to help

The next few months are going to be tough, particularly as we face cold, winter conditions, rather than the sunshine we experienced the first time round. The Hungerford Self-Isolation Support Network is alive and active and is here to help the town once again. Just as before, if you need assistance with shopping or prescriptions, and you have no family or local neighbourly support to turn to, then please call Geordie on 07836 330815. Once again, this service is free.

About the Self-isolation Network

On 16 March 2020, Geordie Taylor (pictured below) set up the Hungerford Self-isolation Network. At its height, over 200 volunteers had come forward, providing support services of one kind or another for over 130 households.

‘The response from the people of Hungerford has been amazing,’ the Mayor Helen Simpson said in April 2020. ‘Knowing the town and its people as I do, I’m not surprised. On behalf of the Town Council, I’d like to thank Geordie for getting this off the ground so quickly and effectively. The Town Council is happy to encourage and support these kind of initiatives but these only work if someone can step forward and run them. I’m delighted this has happened on this occasion.’


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