How to protect the skin on your hands when you wash them a lot

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If the skin on your hands is getting dry and red at this time when we are washing our hands all time here are some tips from Mel Tozer at Belle Chic Health & Beauty on how to protect your skin:

1 Avoid soaps that include sulphates/sulfates (which are skin irritants). Check the ingredients on the soap and visit the  SLS free website for more details. The important thing to remember is that products claiming to be SLS-free usually mean they are free of both compounds – sodium lauryl sulfate with its sister compound, sodium laureth sulfate (SLES).

2. Make sure the soap is thoroughly rinsed off as it’s so easy to leave residue on the skin.

3. Pat your hands dry, don’t rub your skin which damages your skin further if already sore. Also apply SPF 30/50 sun cream if spending more than 10 mins outside to protect your skin from as the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays.
4. After every time you wash your hands, moisturise them with as natural ingredients as you can. Aloe vera is brilliant (plant or organic product) or a good quality moisturiser. E45 and Aveeno are good off the shelf moisturisers, it just depends on your skin’s compatibility due to parfum/fragrance being used – but, the lower down the ingredient list it is, the better. After you have moisturised your hands, put cotton (or cotton bamboo mix) gloves on (for about 20 minutes) to trap the ingredients while the body uses it’s own heat to maximise the absorbency.
5. When doing the washing up or cleaning your house, always wear rubber gloves, especially if you are using more bleach and disinfectants at this time.
6. Oats are amazing for red, inflamed skin providing an instant, calming effect. Whizz them up in a blender, mix to paste with a little cooled, boiled water or some multi-active toner (Dermalogica) and apply to the affected area for 15 mins. Dampen it gently to remove as it’ll stiffen when drying, then apply moisture. You can also whizz up 2tbsp sodium bicarbonate, 1tbsp olive oil and 2tbps grounded oats to add to a bath.
7. Dermalogica’s barrier repair is amazing for protecting the face but can be applied to more delicate areas of your hands to help repair damage. Contact Mel on for an order code to receive free delivery and a free gift.

Belle Chic in Hungerford is closed at this time but if you would like any more advice, please contact Mel on or on

Jessica cosmetics also have a brilliant range of hand and foot care products. Contact Mel on or on for an order code.

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