Have you got Year 12 & 13 sixth formers at home who don’t know what to do next?

Careers adviser Vanessa Kenneth from Careers Tutor has compiled this list of resources for Year 12 students who may have missed information about their options beyond school, and Year 13 students who need advice about how to maintain their interests and motivation during this time.

If you would like any more advice please contact Vanessa on careerstutor@gmail.com or on linkedin or visit her facebook page

To start with here is useful tool for getting organised and setting your own goals is setapp.com/apps/studies

For Year 12 & Year 13

1.Information and time lines about exams and applications

The Department for Education – keep an eye on the latest decisions about exams and grades
UCAS – keep an eye on how universities will respond to exams and grades

2. Inspiration and free online courses

Open University courses take short modules in selected subjects
Online short courses from top global universities  
Online short courses from top universities and training organisations 
Learn to play guitar
Fitness – serious workouts with Chris Hemsworth
Computer Science and Coding
Intro to Computer Science with Harvard University 
Learn about Artificial Intelligence 
Cooking classes with Michelin star chef
Learn a Language with hellotalk
Learn a Language with Duolingo 
MENSA – take the challenge! How high is your IQ?
Listen to books and poetry we all need a break from screen time
Wildlife – watch web cams and videos

3. Subject resources 

Art and Art History – virtual Museum and Gallery tours
Art and Art History – more Museum virtual tours
English Year 12
English Year 13
Film, TV, VFX, Games Industries 
Film, Theatre, Technical Industries
History Ideas, Information, Podcasts

Languages with iVici Language Academy
Maths Year 12
Maths Year 13
Music Theory – free online learning
Philosophy Critical Reasoning for Beginners – Oxford University
Psychology – inspiring podcasts
Space – NASA summer school
Statistics and Data 

4.Stand out from the crowd

Make your future applications stand out by entering competitions or getting articles published.

Management Consultancy Summer School – McKinsey. FREE www.mckinsey.com/uk/careers/ Deadline 29th March
Writing about Art www.writeonart.org Deadline 31st March
Engineering/Physics/Maths, Scholarship competition classroom.google.com Deadline 30th March
Environment/Wildlife/Planet, earthshotprize.org, Deadline 24th April
Science, Young Scientist Journal – get your articles published here ysjournal.com
She Talks Science blog – Cambridge University. Contribute your articles here www.murrayedwards.cam.ac.uk/news/
Science, Unsung Heroes of Science – Oxford University. Submit your video here www.hertford.ox.ac.uk/unsungscience
Science, The Oxford Scientist – Writing Competition oxsci.org/schools/, Deadline 1st May
Poetry, foyleyoungpoets.org Deadline 31st July
Politics Writing competition- The Financial Times www.ft.com/content Deadline 31st May


Year 12 

Here is information about all of your options beyond school. Be open-minded and don’t assume that you are definitely going to university.

Find inspiring career descriptions here: www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/careers

Find out what you are suited to here: www.prospects.ac.uk/planner

How to choose a course and a uni

You have heard of some universities but you won’t know where is best for what you want to study. Start by thinking about what really interests you as you can often combine various ideas. Think of university study as opening up a whole new box of ideas – you don’t just have to choose one of your A level subjects. Browse for course ideas first  – you can then see which universities offer what you want to study.

The Complete University Guide to choosing a course
University course league tables
Univeristy Open Days Virtual Tours

Student Finance

The easiest way to understand what it all means www.moneysavingexpert.com/students/student-loans-tuition-fees-changes/

Oxford and Cambridge (often referred to as Oxbridge)

Yes, you need excellent grades but you also need to be absolutely passionate about your selected area of study. Both universities are trying hard to widen their student profile so don’t assume that it’s ‘too posh’ for you. Oxbridge applications are ‘early entry’ ie your completed application has to be submitted by October 15 whereas most other uni courses are January 15


Medicine/Dentistry/Vet Science  these subjects are also ‘early entry’ so your application has to be submitted by October 15

Medicine ~ Dentistry ~ Vet Medicine

Art and Design

You may wish to apply for a one year ‘Foundation’ course (Art and Design Foundation Diploma) which is a general, mixed year for you to experiment and decide if you wish to specialise. This is free if you start before you are 19 yrs old (ie you should start in the September after your A level exams).

There are many courses which don’t require a Foundation course; you can combine Art and Design with other subject areas – academic, very practical or with specific job-related training. You need to think about what you prefer and how you ‘learn’ best.

Art and Design Foundation Diploma – all the info you need 


You can find completely practical courses or those which have academic elements – you need to think about how you ‘learn’ best.

Art, Music, Drama league tables
Dance degree courses
Performing Arts courses

Higher and Degree Apprenticeships

You are very lucky that you have a choice about how to gain a degree – you can apply to study full time at university and borrow student finance to do this OR you could consider a Degree Apprenticeship which is a combination of work and study. You do not pay any tuition fees and you earn a salary whilst you are studying and working. There are programmes on offer with a huge number of companies and organisations – some are very competitive and they are definitely not second-best to ‘uni’. A Degree Apprenticeship will suit you if you are organised, motivated, ambitious, good at time management, mature and do not want to take on student debt.

What is a Degree Apprenticeship?
Advice about Degree Apprenticeships
Facts about Degree Apprenticeships

Gap Year Ideas 

Many people choose to give themselves a ‘gap’ between school and whatever comes next. Your ‘gap’ is whatever you want it to be! It can be a time to explore who you are, what really interests you, grow up, challenge yourself, travel, gain experiences, earn money, learn new skills. It can be a mix of all of these things.


Year 13

Here are useful links about important University and apprenticeship timelines:

University time lines and key dates and University Updates 

UCAS – how to make decisions about your offers

Apprenticeships that are still open for applications

London Degree Apprenticeships to apply for now – most start in September

As a response to Covid-19, UCEM (University College of Estate Management) is providing an opportunity for current year 13 students who are interested in the built environment to experience an online course to prepare for university and gain insight into the Built Environment and construction industry.

Further information available from the following areas on the UCEM website:



The access module starts on the 11 May 2020 and runs until 30 August 2020 and the approximate time commitment for the access module would be 8-12 hours a week.

It is a good stepping stone between school and university. It would prepare students to join the Autumn intake of the UCEM BSc Programmes, which start on 5 October 2020. It would also be useful for anyone wanting to take an Architectural or Civitl Engineering degree.


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