Use Your Loaf: Recipes with Leftover Bread

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Here is our introduction to the various ways of making bread – with some recipes below for using it up as a shocking 20 million slices of bread are thrown away every day just in the UK.  If you have a recipe to share please comment below.

Leftover Bread Recipes


1. Slice, Freeze, Toast, repeat

The first thing to do is look at your loaf and judge how much you will eat before it starts to go stale, and then simply slice and freeze the rest. Did you know you can pop frozen slices of bread right into the toaster and then pile on lots of different toppings?

But if you forget to do this and are left with stale bread this can still be used in lots of different recipes.

2. Versatile Breadcrumbs

Whizz dry bread in a food processor to make breadcrumbs and freeze them, or use straight away for a coating, or in recipes like stuffing, or even just chuck a handful in a bolognese or a mince recipe, just to bulk it out and make it go further. If you add garlic, herbs and a drizzle of oil you can scatter breadcrumb mix over shepherds pie, macaroni cheese or pasta bake for a crispy crunchy topping (thanks to Lisa Clift). Frances from Hungerford uses them to make a crunchy topping on tuna bake and in Delia Smith’s Queen of Puddings and Apple Charlotte.

Erica’s Meatloaf

450g minced venison,
450g minced pork,
approx ½ pint breadcrumbs, but you can add more to make it go further,
2 eggs, lightly beaten, lots of herbs, including ground juniper berries.

Mix all together, pack into one or two loaf tins and bake in a bain marie. A large loaf tin takes about 2 ½ hours at approx gas mark 5. If you like them crunchier don’t bother with the bain marie and cook for less time. Serve with tomato sauce. They freeze well.

3. Italian Vegetable & Stale Bread Soup Recipes

Pappa al Pomodoro (bread and tomato soup) is a delicious ancient Italian recipe is brilliant for using up stale bread. 

Ribollita is another famous Tuscan recipe that requires stale, crusty bread.

Croutons are a nice addition to any soup and can be quickly made by toasting a slice of bread and slicing it into small squares. You don’t need to fry it in oil…

4. Liisa’s Poor Knights – (Köyhät ritarit) a traditional Finnish recipe


Stale Bread with Jam

Take any stale bread/baguette, cut it into slices (about the thickness of normal toast – although if you use stale toast you don’t need to cut it) and fry it with butter, then eat it with whipped cream and strawberry jam. 

It is incredibly yummy and once you get into it you almost start wishing for stale bread more often!

5. Bread Pudding



We made the BBC Bread Pudding recipe with dry bread instead of fresh, an extra egg and glug of milk to make the mixture really moist. 

We also added crystalised ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg and it was scrumptious. Best served straight out of the oven (after it’s cooled down enough to eat!) when the top is crispy and the bottom is creamy. 

bread pudding recipe

How to Make Bread

If these recipes have inspired you to make your own bread, these are three main techniques:

1. Yeast
Here is an easy yeast bread recipe and easy rolls recipe to start you off.

2. Bicarbonate of Soda
It is easy to make soda bread with any kind of flour and baking soda (bicarbonate of soda). This filling Oat & Yoghurt loaf uses bicarbonate of soda and is great toasted for breakfast.

3. Sourdough
If you can get hold of some sourdough starter (or make your own starter), here is a Sourdough Rye Bread recipe from Philip Brown in Hungerford. Or search ‘sourdough bread for beginners’ on YouTube.

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