Pistachio & Courgette Gigli

This delicious pasta recipe with courgette, garlic and pistachio sauce comes from Hayley at the Packaging Not Included zero waste shop in Marlborough, where you take your own containers and weigh the amount of ingredients you want. The recipe was shared by one of her suppliers Pastificio Carleschi who were the first to produce a dry pasta 100% made in Britain with organic British flour freshly stoneground by artisan British millers.


400g Einkorn Gigli (fusilli or penne can be subsituted)
400g courgette
2 cloves garlic
180g pistachios
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
10g fresh mint (optional)


Blitz 150g pistachios and 30g extra virgin olive oil in a food processor/blender until they form a paste and season with salt.

Thinly slice courgettes (around 2-3mm).

Cut cloves in half and add to a hot pan with the oil.

Bring water to boil and add einkorn gigli. 

After the cloves have cooked, add courgette, sea salt and pepper – cook for 6-9 minutes on full heat, making sure to stir often.

Roughly chop remaining pistachios and toast them in a non stick pan or add a very light drizzle of oil. 

Finely chop mint and set aside.

Take 12 tbs of water from the pasta pan, add to pistachio paste then blitz again to make them a more liquidy sauce.

Plate the pasta and top with the pistachio sauce, courgettes and roughly chopped pistachios.

Garnish with mint (optional – also works well with parmesan cheese).


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