Hungerford Environmental Action Team – 2022 May News

HEAT aims to reduce the carbon footprint of Hungerford and support any local residents with environmental initiatives. If you would like to contribute or get involved in any way please look at the HEAT information board under the railway bridge in the town centre or contact us here:

Facebook: Hungerford Environmental Action Team – HEAT
Instagram: heat_hungerford
Twitter: HEAT43152028

The monthly HEAT meeting is on zoom on the last Wednesday of the month at 7pm. All welcome, please email for the link.

News – May 2022

We have an exciting list of events this year. We also have the following appeals:

– if you have implemented energy use and/or carbon emissions reductions in your home and can help us spread the word as one of our Hungerford Energy Heroes, do please let us know
– a new weekly Eco-Club for Year 4s has started at Hungerford Primary School. It’s being run by the new St Lawrence’s Youth Worker, who is looking for volunteers to join her from 2-3pm each Wednesday at the school. This could be a one-off or if you have the time and want to share your passion, could be on a regular basis to work on an environmental projects.
– Lockdown Wood volunteers needed on Sat 14 May. Please see below.

Please email HEAT if you can help with any of the above.

2022 Events 

Hungerford Food & Artisan Market – Sun 8 May, 10am – 1pm, The Croft Field
A showcase for local foods producers and artisan crafts. Find us on the HEAT stand.

HEAT Film Night: Kiss The Ground – Tues 10 May 7:30 pm Hungerford Hub (in the library)
Science experts and celebrity activists unpack the ways in which the earth’s soil may be the key to combating climate change and preserving the planet.

Lockdown Wood maintenance morningSat 14 May 9:30am, Marsh Lane Gate
A group of volunteers met up in March and worked together to free the Lockdown Wood saplings of brambles, cleared the ground and cut down new shoots down from the diseased Ash Dieback tree stumps. We are meeting again to finish the job, along with a few young people helping as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award. We will also be unveiling our new plaque and refreshments will be provided – all are welcome to come along to help for as little or as much of the morning as you can spare. Please bring strong gardening gloves and tools, if you have them.

Hungerford Repair Café – 10am -12:30pm Sat 21 May  in the Croft Hall
Bring along electrical goods, toys, tools for sharpening, clothing in need of a sewing fix or bikes in need of simple repairs.  The team of volunteers will either fix them or give you good advice on whether to keep or recycle. Repairs are free though donations are very welcome – also for the café – which will be serving teas, coffees, biscuits and cake.

Home Energy Talk: Insulation options 7pm Wed 25 May, Hungerford Hub.
Insulation for lofts, flat roofs, cavity and solid walls PLUS 
ways to Draught-proof our homes to stop cold winter air getting in. Delivered by independent experts with local resident case studies.

Home Energy Talk: Heating Controls 7pm Thurs 9 June, Hungerford Hub
Control which rooms we heat when PLUS the Benefits of Smart Meters and why we should all have one. Delivered by independent experts with local resident case studies.

St Lawrence’s Church Eco Conference 10am – 4pm Sat 18 June 
This will be a day packed with information on how to reduce your carbon footprint. Dr Mike Morecroft, the chief specialist on climate change at Natural England will be giving the opening talk. If you missed the excellent Electric Vehicle (EV) Show last summer (or even if you didn’t!) this event will revisit the topic – there will be several local owners of EVs on hand (with their cars) ready to chat about their experience of owning and driving an EV. Also there will also be a Home Energy session, which will be an introduction for the main event to be held in September.

Home Energy Talk: Solar Electric panels 7pm Thurs 23 June, Hungerford Hub
Why now is a good time to install them on your home PLUS, If you already have them, how you can make them even more effective in reducing your energy costs and your carbon emissions. Delivered by independent experts with local resident case studies.

HEAT Talk: Climate Change: Lost Cause or Window of Opportunity – 7.30pm Tues 5 July Croft Hall
Dr Mike Morecroft – Principal Specialist Natural England. Click here to book with Hungerford Summer Festival.

HEAT Talk: The positive Impacts of local food – 7:30pm Thurs 7 July Hungerford Hub 
Rachel Hammond. Edge Landscaping. Click here to book with Hungerford Summer Festival.

Sustainable Community Cook-In – Sat 9 July, Croft Field Centre 
Cooking starts at 3pm, Diners arrive from 5:30 pm This is a great opportunity to get together and share food. Here is a link to similar event held in Wantage. Click here to book with Hungerford Summer Festival.

Home Energy Event – Sat 24 Sept, Hungerford Town Hall

This year’s big HEAT initiative will be a Home Energy event with plenty of information on how to reduce the energy consumed by your home.  As fuel prices are set to rise dramatically, this has to be of interest for everyone. Come and find out more about insulating and heating your home more efficiently.

If you have already been making changes in your home to reduce your environmental impact, we would love to hear from you as a potential case study, or if you are looking for advice to get started, please contact us.

News – March 2022

Lottery Award for HEAT

HEAT your Home without Costing the Earth: lottery funding for local energy-saving project

Hungerford Environmental Action Team (HEAT) is delighted to announce that it has been awarded a substantial Lottery Community Fund “Together for our Planet” grant. The money will be used to help the community address the challenge of steeply rising home energy costs while reducing climate-damaging emissions.

“This grant gives us a fantastic opportunity to assist households in Hungerford and the surrounding areas to work out tailored home-energy plans. Their individual roadmaps will have the dual goals of heating and running their home with lowered energy consumption and costs and, at the same time, making their homes much more environmentally friendly.”

“This is an ambitious project over the next year which we hope many residents will become involvedinand feel the benefitsfrom,”  said John Downe of HEAT. “HEAT will be organising events in the coming months in the lead-up to the all-day main show taking place in Hungerford Town Hall on 24th September.”

If you have already had success with your own household energy reduction and climate friendly actions, HEAT would love to hear from you. We are looking for case studies to feature as part of the programme which illustrate practical actions people have already taken. You will also be entered into our Hungerford Energy Hero Awards with the winners announced at the September event.

We would really like to understand the main issues people are facing with their household energy use and costs so that we can focus the events on the most important topics. Please email us with your feedback and/or if you are interested in starting on your own Home Energy Roadmap:

HEAT would also like to hear from companies and organisations with relevant offerings or advice which are keen to participate in this initiative.

Recycling in Hungerford

If you have wondered what you can recycle and where in Hungerford, look out for a new poster that will be on the HEAT noticeboard soon or see it here.

This provides really thorough and up to date information.

Please be vigilant about only putting the listed materials in each facility. Adding one wrong item can contaminate the rest of the items collected and destroy all the work done by others to recycle carefully as contaminated recycling will often be burnt.

We have just launched an ink jet cartridge recycling scheme with collection points at St Lawrence’s Church and the Hungerford Printing Company Unit 6 The Courtyard High St (down the alley between Eliane’s and Hungerford Bookshop).

Food Waste Action week 7-13 March

A recent report by WRAP highlights that UK households waste 4.5 million tonnes of edible food costing each household on average £700 per year. This isn’t just a waste of food that could be eaten, it is a waste of the energy that went into producing it and that’s without considering the methane that would be produced by food rotting in landfill.

There are ideas here on how to reduce food waste and look out for more information as part of this year’s food waste action week.

Join the team

The HEAT team are very friendly group of people –all concerned about the climate emergency we are facing. We have a monthly zoom meeting where you can meet the local team and find out more about what is happening. Contact HEAT for more Information

Individual Action

Finding out about our own carbon footprint is a good way to start thinking about what we can do personally to reduce our impact. There are plenty of apps about to help us measure our own carbon footprint – so we can track own progress, such as: and

These may help to identify which changes will have the most impact.

Here are some ideas:

1.  Car Usage

Try to minimise car journeys by walking, cycling and taking public transport. Anyone thinking about getting an electric vehicle might give this ev8 App a try – it observes your car use for 2 weeks and recommends EV choices.

Tesco in Hungerford now has a notice to say that EV points are coming soon. This is great news for anyone unable to charge an EV car at home.

2.  Domestic Energy

If you are considering switching to a heat pump, installing solar panels or improving your insulation. The National Self Build Centre in Swindon is a great place to find out more about making your home more energy efficient.

There are events on the 12 and 13 November where you can learn more.

3.  Diet and Food Waste

There is plenty of evidence that moving towards a more plant-based diet will help fight climate change. This recent BBC article explains more and points out that emissions from all the food wasted from field to kitchen bin accounts for a huge 8-10% of all global emissions! See

Check out the HEAT website for more ideas.

We would like to hear from you about the issues you feel are important in Hungerford to tackle climate change. Email or join our monthly Zoom meeting on the last Wednesday of the month.

Contact HEAT by email:

4. Recycling in Hungerford – what goes where ?

At the Station Car Park  (on the Tesco side) there are six collection containers for:

  1. Cardboard
  2. Paper
  3. Plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays
  4. Beverage cartons and plastic cups, juice cartons, paper cups, milk cartons, paper coffee cups, soup tomatoes and other food cartons
  5. Small electrical appliances
  6. Clothing and shoes

Outside Tesco (to the left of the entrance) they are collecting soft plastics ie any plastic bags, crisp packets, food and pet pouches, plastic wrappers and any plastic film.

5. EV charging points in Hungerford

Hungerford has eight EV charging points in Hungerford: two in Charnham, two in Park Street and four in the High Street.

Hungerford Harvest at Pickets Mead Orchard

A small miracle of survival is the Orchard on the A4 as you approach Hungerford from Kintbury. Owned by the Town and Manor, this is like a ‘secret garden’ with rare species of apples, pears, and plums dating back many years. Volunteers have been busy picking the produce which has gone to the Food Bank or been made into Apple Juice. The cows grazing on the common get left-over pulp to supplement their diet.

Town and Manor are seeking people to care for the Orchard longer term. Might this be you?

What will happen to the produce?
The majority of the produce will be donated to West Berkshire Food Bank for distributing to those in need. The fallen apples and pears will be used for juicing. All volunteers are welcome to take a selection of produce home too.

What’s in the orchard?
Over 100 trees – several rare and unique varieties. These include:
• Around 25 mature apple and pear trees
• Plum and greengage trees
• Walnut trees

If you would like to help with picking or if you are interested in getting involved with the orchard longer term, please email

Wider Eco Issues

The National Self Build and Renovation Centre (NSBRC) at Swindon runs regular Eco workshops . The aim is to explain the options and advise on everything from achieving air tightness, insulation requirements and design considerations, to ventilation issues and how to choose between the array of windows and doors that are on the market.

Find out more  here:

Where are the birds?

Thirty eight million birds have been lost in the last 50 years. The RSPB is running a campaign and petition to highlight the loss of habitat and the threat to our world from the loss of nature.  To find out more and to add your name to the petition see the details of the RSPB campaign visit

Green Mortgages

Green mortgages are mortgage deals available to people who buy environmentally-friendly homes or make energy efficient home improvements. To find out more see:

Idling Cars and Pollution

Did you know that leaving your car running when stationary is not only bad for the environment but also illegal?

It is quite common to see cars idling in Tesco car park and around the schools – exactly the places where the resulting air pollution can be the most harmful.

Poor air quality is the biggest environmental risk to public health in the UK. Every minute, an idling car produces enough exhaust emissions to fill 150 balloons with harmful chemicals, including cyanide, NOx and PM2.5.

Turning off the vehicle engine when stationary for more than 10 seconds uses less fuel than leaving it running as well as improving air quality. Reducing air pollutants can help cut heart disease, lower the risk of lung cancer and prevent asthma attacks. Pollution affects everyone and children are the closest to exhaust fumes.

Find out more here:

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