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We are loving our new bigger studio in Eastbury just a stone’s throw from the original studio. We now have ample parking and toilet facilities, faster broadband and sufficient space for social distancing.

Our Next Charity Fundraising Event

During the pandemic we have been working hard to raised over £2,000 for Racing Welfare, Lambourn Riding for the Disabled and NAWT at Trindledown. The first event was an on-line quiz hosted by a Sky Sports presenter. The second was 6 virtual Eastbury Duck Races on the River Lambourn fronted by a number of well known racing celebrities, jockeys and trainers from the sport. Click here to watch the quacking fun!

Our next fundraising event will be two non-stop 12 hour broadcasts Sat 31 Oct / Sun 1 Nov. Listeners can request their favourite 3 pieces of music in exchange for a donation.  We’re hoping to raise another £1,000.

You can make a donation to these three worthwhile causes on our justgiving page here


4LEGS Unsung Hero Awards – February 2020

4LEGS Radio is delighted to announce the winners of our Unsung Hero Awards 2020! 

Thanks to Joshua Khan from The Great Shefford for sponsoring the awards. 

James Potter (in red t-shirt) – Winner of the Overall Prize which is ‘The Lambourn Valley Unsung Hero of 2019 for his services to the community of Eastbury.’ James has lived in the village of Eastbury for over 30 years. He retired as a pilot 7 years and since then has dedicated his time to supporting the village of Eastbury by becoming Village Warden. In his role as Village Warden James does so much including an incredible amount of river maintenance, flood alleviation activities, fish rescue, tree felling, road safety and coordinates the gathering of people to assist in some of this work. Safety is paramount with everything he does especially when other village volunteers get involved, no chances are taken. He has the respect, support and utmost gratitude from everyone in Eastbury. They don’t know what they would do without him.

George Bodman (seated right) – Winner of the ‘Commemorative award for 50+ years service to the Village of Lambourn’. George turned 90 1 month a go and has lived in Lambourn all his life. He is ‘Mr Lambourn’ and has done so much to make a Lambourn a clean, tidy and welcoming place to live. Including cleaning of road signs, planting of flowers & shrubs, caring for and helping so many people in times of need.

Serena Nickson (middle) – Winner of the ‘2019 Great Shefford Community award’. Serena has lived in Great Shefford for 34 years. She is Church Warden, School Governor of the local primary school and avid fund raiser for all manner of projects for the community and church. Serena is always the first to help with anything that will improve and benefit the community in which she lives.

Patrick Hickman-Robertson (left) – Winner of the 2019 Eastbury Community Award.’ Patrick has lived in Eastbury for 18 years. Ever since his arrival his mission has been to keep Eastbury and roads to East Garston and Lambourn free from litter. Every day Patrick is out in all weathers in the lanes and main roads picking up litter and collecting it in his shopping trolley for disposal. It can be a very dangerous activity especially when picking up litter from the main roads where cars do not always slow down for him. All aluminium cans Patrick collects generates money and he gives the money to ‘Mary’s Meals’ which is a charity for feeding children in Malawi.

Interview with our new MP Laura Ferris

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions – listen to our interview with Laura Farris MP here.

About 4 LEGS Radio

Since April 2018, 4Legs Radio, our first community radio station, has been broadcasting great music and interviews to the Lambourn Valley and beyond. The internet radio station broadcasts via the website 4legsradio.org.uk between 9am and 4.30pm every Friday. The schedule changes slightly from week to week. You can listen live every Friday or to listen to the shows from any week, anytime, just go to the 4 LEGS Radio website at 4legsradio.org.uk and click on ‘Listen Again.’

4LEGS Radio is kindly sponsored by Sovereign Housing.

Here is a quick demonstration of how to listen to 4LEGS Radio by founder Chris Capel:

4LEGS Shows


Our shows cover everything including local news, sport, events, campaigns, businesses, the mysteries of the River Lambourn, gardening, astronomy, wine, wildlife, health, therapy, drones, dogs, quizzes, local clubs and voluntary groups, climate change, ghosts, recipes, racing, competitions and lots of fascinating interviews with local residents from seven to 87 years old.

There are good jokes (and a few awful ones), great music, lively chat, informed opinion, eye-catching stories sliced, diced and prepared in a variety of ways as well as a sprinkling of banter and – of course – the unexpected.

Click here to listen again to any of the shows. Here are some highlights: Lambourn’s Liz Beard, 89 year old George Bodman, MP Richard Benyon, Gill Hall from Great Shefford Youth Club, Sue Cocker from Lambourn Library.


Regular presenters include: Chris Capel from Eastbury; Penny Locke and Brian Quinn (from Penny Post) and racehorse trainer Pat Murphy from East Garston;  Tim and Linda Forrester and Pat Heslop (aka Lavinia Flynch) from Great Shefford, Pat’s monthly guest and home healer Emma Loveheart; Suzie Cairns and Tim Scott from Lambourn; Pete Brady from Shefford Woodlands.

Pete Brady 


Originally from Canada, Pete Brady has been a radio and television presenter in the United Kingdom for over 50 years. He was one of the original line-up on BBC Radio 1 and one of the original presenters of Magpie. Pete lives locally in Shefford Woodlands.

Following a similar path to DJs Tony Blackburn, Kenny Everett and Simon Dee from pirate stations such as Radio London and Radio Luxemburg, he made the natural progression to BBC Radio 1 at its launch in September 1967. Pete was given a major six-day-a-week afternoon slot Monday to Saturdays. He played a varied mix of current pop and rock music.

In July 1968, he became one of the original presenters of Thames Television’s new youth magazine programme, Magpie. During his time on TV he found difficulty maintaining his Radio 1 shows and left BBC Radio late in 1968. He continued with Magpie until 1971, when he returned to radio hosting the afternoon show on BBC Radio 2.

How to get involved

If you would like to be a guest, co-presenter or have your own show please contact Chris Capel on 4legsradio@gmail.com

The programmes are presented by local people with local guests, and are designed to serve the needs of the Lambourn Valley Community not currently served by other broadcasting media, that stimulate, educate and entertain the listeners.

We are keen for the community to join in by texting on 07418310510, by Email: studio@4legsradio.org.uk or comment on our posts. We are also on Twitter @4legsradio, Mixcloud at 4Legs Radio, Youtube and on Facebook  at 4 legs LVCR.

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