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4LEGS Radio broadcasts great music and shows to the Lambourn Valley and beyond via the website 4legsradio.org.uk on Fridays and Saturdays. See below how to listen and how to donate.

Our shows cover local news, sport, racing, events, campaigns, businesses, the River Lambourn, gardening, astronomy, wildlife, health, quizzes, local clubs and voluntary groups, environmental issues, competitions and lots of fascinating interviews with local residents from seven to 87 years old.

Regular presenters include: Chris Capel and Tobi Corney from Eastbury; Penny Locke (our very own) and racehorse trainer Pat Murphy from East Garston;  Tim and Linda Forrester from Great Shefford; Tim Scutt and ex-GWR DJ Andy Westgate from Lambourn; former Radio One DJ Pete Brady from Shefford Woodlands. 

February 2024 News

4LEGS Radio is over five years old and having aired over 5,000 live shows since we launched in  April 2018 we are now a valuable voluntary service to the local community  raising awareness and funds for local groups like Lambourn Junction, Racing Welfare, RDA and Trindledown. We also provide work experience for local students and training for anyone in the community who wants to learn how to present or produce a show. These skills are valuable for all ages and contribute to mental health and social inclusion. We also broadcast from local primary schools to engage local children and give them a voice.
To continue to provide and improve the service, we must upgrade a lot of our kit and we need help to raise the funds to do so. We’ve now got a project on The Good Exchange so that local residents, businesses and organistions can support us by making a donation – please click here:
This will enable the radio station to follow its strategy to offer an improved community service.

Many thanks for your support!

April 2023 News

4LEGS Radio was delighted to be celebrating the milestone of five years broadcasting for the Lambourn Valley community on Friday 14 April. This community online radio station was the brainchild of Chris Capel in Eastbury and wouldn’t be possible without the support of the presenters, guests and sponsors, with audio services and jingles provided by Kate Sloan and Pete Brady, technical support from Jeremy Sharp at Together Technology, website support and administration from Alistair Mills and its donated studio facility. 

Thanks to Ruth from Priscillas Kitchen who made a wonderful birthday cake and to our sponsors including Marlborough Law, The Hungerford Finance & Legal Centre, Sheepdrove Organic Farm & Green Events Venue and Fort Builders Merchants at Membury.

Over the years 4LEGS has promoted many local charities, schools, colleges, businesses and local sports and covered a wide range of local topics and news, gardening tips, racing news, interviews, wildlife, cooking as well as great music from local presenters.

February 2022 News

We are hosting a Valentine Request-a-thon on Sunday 13 February between 11am and 7pm in aid of Lambourn Junction which is a community-led initiative that relies on donations, supporting those in need along the valley with food, household items and essential supplies. Half the proceeds of the Request-a-thon will go to Lambourn Junction with the other half going to keep the radio station running.

November 2021 News

Lockdown Hero Awards

The well-deserved 4LEGS Radio Lockdown Heros received their awards from High Sheriff of Berkshire in the 4LEGS studio last Friday 29 October. Listen here (from 1 hour 10 minutes). The winners were: 

– Julie Blogg for her work with the Lambourn Junction, family event organising and free haircuts for key workers at Market Hair;
– postman David Reilly for being a friendly and vital point of contact in Eastbury;
– Deana & Danny Carpenter for delivering prescriptions to residents of East Garston;
– Laura Field for setting up a support group and telephone number in Great Shefford.

“The four recipients were fantastic examples of what is best in our County and they have all made a huge difference to the local community,” said High Sheriff Willie Hartley Russell. “I was delighted to learn that they will all be continuing with their voluntary work post the covid pandemic.”

The High Sheriff then went on to Lambourn to meet Andrew Abbott and Jane McCarthy from Lambourn Volunteer Drivers who provide vital transport for local residents to medical appointments, Brian Watson from Racing Welfare who provide financial and counselling support for anyone in the racing industry and Julie Blogg at the Lambourn Junction unit in the carpark behind Goodie’s Cafe. The High Sheriff was impressed by them all providing a wonderful and much needed service to Lambourn. Listen here to Willie and Penny’s interviews with all the groups (from 23 minutes).

Thanks to Fort Builders Merchants for their sponsorship and The Plough, The Queens Arms, The George and the Great Shefford who are all generously supporting these awards.

How to Listen to 4LEGS Radio

As a reminder (or in case you’re not aware) you can listen to 4LEGS Radio on your phone, tablet or computer by visiting 4legsradio.org.uk and clicking on ‘Listen Live’ (see Chris Capel’s video demonstration below). Here are instructions on how to listen to 4LEGS Radio via Alexa and Sonos. You can also use the Radio Garden app.

If you cannot Listen Live, all shows are recorded so you can click on ‘Listen Again‘ and select the show of your choosing in your own time. 


Get Involved

If you’re interested in being part of the 4LEGS Radio team, we’d love to hear from you. Previous experience is not required. Simply send an email to studio@4legsradio.org.uk and we’ll have a chat.

We thank you for your continued support.

We are keen for the community to join in live while we are broadcasting by texting on 07418310510 or emailing: studio@4legsradio.org.uk 

You can also follow us on Twitter @4legsradio, Mixcloud at 4Legs Radio, Youtube and on Facebook  at 4 legs LVCR.


Historical News

April 2021 News

Can you believe we celebrate our third birthday on 16 April? It’s been a challenging year with lockdown restrictions but producer Chris Capel has done a great job in successfully keeping the station going coordinating between presenters who had to re-record their shows remotely.

Three charities fundraising update and a huge thank you from the 4LEGS team

On behalf of Racing Welfare, Lambourn Riding for the Disabled, the NAWT at Trindledown and 4LEGS Radio we’d like to thank you everyone for their generosity and support during the Charity Music Request-a-thon and for the On-Line Quiz and Duck Races that we put on during the summer. Thanks to you we’ve reached a final fundraising total of £3,440 from the events we’ve put on this year and it will be split equally between the three charities.

November 2020 News

During the pandemic we have been working hard to raised over £2,000 for Racing Welfare, Lambourn Riding for the Disabled and NAWT at Trindledown. The first event was an on-line quiz hosted by a Sky Sports presenter. The second was 6 virtual Eastbury Duck Races on the River Lambourn fronted by a number of well known racing celebrities, jockeys and trainers from the sport. Click here to watch the quacking fun!

Our next fundraising event will be two non-stop 12 hour Music Request-a-thon Sat 31 Oct / Sun 1 Nov. Listeners can request their favourite 3 pieces of music in exchange for a donation.  We’re hoping to raise another £1,000.

You can make a donation to these three worthwhile causes on our justgiving page here.


4LEGS Unsung Hero Awards – February 2020

4LEGS Radio is delighted to announce the winners of our Unsung Hero Awards 2020! 

Thanks to Joshua Khan from The Great Shefford for sponsoring the awards. 


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