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It’s a ‘Good’ OFSTED Rating for Robert Sandilands School

In its recently published Inspection report, OFSTED have confirmed that Robert Sandilands continues to be a ‘Good’ school.

In the report, published this week, the Inspector comments that pupils and staff work in harmony together at this school, “Pupils trust their teachers to do their best for them. They feel safe and looked after. Staff take every effort to get to know their pupils well. They make sure that pupils are happy and ready to learn. Teachers are dedicated to developing each pupil as an individual. They are very ambitious for pupils to succeed. As a result, there are high expectations of what pupils can do.”

Talking about the pupils’ experience of the school, the inspector goes on to say, “Teachers encourage pupils to challenge themselves. They do this both in pupils’ learning and in their personal development. Pupils understand how important these challenges are. As one pupil explained, ‘It will help us when we are adults.’

“Pupils behave very well throughout the school. In class, they concentrate well and work with purpose. In the lunch hall and out on the playground, pupils show respect and care for each other. Older pupils take it on themselves to look out for the younger ones. Parents appreciate what the school does for their children. One parent’s comment summed up how many feel, ’The support all children give to one another, the sense of team, and the respect the children show each other is amazing.’ “

Commenting on the report, Mrs Bucknell, Headteacher, said, “I could not be more pleased with OFSTED’s findings and feel that the Inspector really understood what Robert Sandilands is trying to achieve.”

Ian Nichol, Chair of the Governing Board said, “The governors of the school are very proud of the school, its staff and pupils, for their achievement of this Inspection outcome. It is the result of their hard work and their fullest commitment to the highest quality education for the children in the school.”

The Inspection report can be found on the school website here.

For further information contact: Mrs L Bucknell, Headteacher


Tel: 01635 40318

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