Puppy Trainers Needed for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

About eighteen months ago, my wife and I decided to take on the task of looking after a puppy. We then discovered that there is a charity called Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. My wife got in touch with them and within a couple of months, Ella, an eight week-old Cocker Spaniel came to live with us.

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People believes that nobody with deafness should feel lonely. The Charity trains dogs that help deaf people reconnect with life. The dogs provide support through constant companionship, giving deaf people confidence to reconnect with their family, friends and community, and support the life they want to lead. Equally importantly, the dogs help by alerting deaf people to life-saving sounds like the smoke alarm and the intruder alarm, and important sounds such as the oven timer and the baby monitor. Their burgundy coats also signal to the public that their partner is deaf.  This combination of practical assistance and emotional support is life-changing.

Ella has dominated life at home for the last fifteen months. Soon, she will be leaving us to go to Dog University. We will be very sorry to see her go, but we are very proud of her; she is ready to take on the responsibility of being someone’s companion in life.  Being part of the work of “Hearing Dogs” has been a time consuming but rewarding experience.  As we were told at the outset, Hearing Dogs does not ask the volunteers for money, but it asks them for lots of time.

How to Volunteer as a Puppy Trainer

The charity is looking to recruit volunteers in the West Berkshire area to take in a puppy to train for the initial stages of their career.

What do you need to become a volunteer?

  • A loving home, with a secure garden.
  • To be at home for the majority of the day to dedicate time to puppy training on a daily basis.
  • To be able to drive and have access to a vehicle.
  • An interest in dog training.
  • An interest in learning new skills and working towards goals.
  • Previous experience is not necessary for this role.

What do you get?

  • To provide a home for a gorgeous hearing dog puppy from the age of 8 weeks for 14-16 months or longer.
  • Full support from your local Puppy Training Instructor at weekly puppy classes & regular home visits.
  • We can arrange a temporary home for your pup when you go away or in an emergency.
  • All food, bedding, toys and equipment will be provided.
  • The dog’s medical expenses and insurance is covered by Hearing Dogs.
  • The opportunity to meet like-minded people and the satisfaction in helping others.

Click on the following link for more information: hearingdogs.org.uk/volunteer/puppy-training-berkshire

Best of luck – we highly recommend the experience!

Alistair Mills


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