Penny Post Christmas Quiz 2019, with a superb prize from the Five Bells at Wickham – THE ANSWERS

This competition is now closed and the answers can be found below. 

The Five Bells at Wickham will shortly be re-opening under the management of Duncan Jones, a chef who has worked for Marco-Pierre White and cooked for royalty. To celebrate this, we’re delighted that Duncan is offering a wonderful prize to the winner of the 2019 Penny Post Christmas and New Year Quiz.

The Prize

It’s a good one, as we said: a meal for two, a bottle of house wine, a room for the night afterwards and breakfast the following day at The Five Bells at Wickham.

The winner

Step forward Dave Dupont from Kingsclere whose name was first out of the hat. Congratulations to him and thanks to all those who entered: better luck next time.

The Quiz

You’ll find below 18 questions about 2019, the local area and Duncan Jones (unless you know him very well, you may want to visit the pub’s website to answer these).

When you’ve answered the questions, take the first letter of each answer and re-arrange these to form a phrase which is relevant to the prize. To give you a bit of help, the questions are ordered alphabetically by their answers: so, if the answer to one of the questions was ‘zebra’ (which it isn’t), that question would be down at the bottom. Four of these initial letters appear twice.

The questions

All ready? Atlases and almanacks to hand? Pencil sharpened? Right, let’s do it…

1  In which month in 2019 did the hunchback’s home catch fire? Notre Dame in Paris caught fire in April.
2  Which 2019 sporting contest finished 2-2 (which wasn’t good enough for us)? The Ashes. The series was drawn but that meant that Australia retained the trophy.
3  Which Ginger left us in 2019? Ginger Baker, Cream’s drummer.
4  This Hooker deals with Downlands. Clive Hooker is the District Councillor for this area. Stop sniggering at the back, there – what did you think I meant?
5  Fourth, then first, then second in the last three world cups. Which country? England: fourth in the football (2018), winners in the cricket and runners up in the rugby (both 2019) world cups.
6  The point of the compass that you’ll find four times in the Valley. East: Eastbury, East Garston, East Shefford and Easton are all villages in the Lambourn Valley. 
7  Which acting Albert left us in 2019? Albert Finney.
8  You might eat this place with eggs (or merely over-act a lot). The village of Ham.
9  In which Val d’ did Five Bells’ owner Duncan Jones work? Val d’Isère in the French Alps.
10  You might write in an old-fashioned way to someone who lives here. The village of Inkpen.
11  Which prodigious Flint will start no more fires? Keith Flint, the wild-eyed frontman for the band The Prodigy: Firestarter was probably their most famous song.
12  There’s a Regis and a Bassett round here. Letcombe connects them both.
13  Which Hoyle will now be speaking? Lindsay Hoyle is the new Speaker of the House of Commons.
14  In which month in 2019 was the result in these parts 24 + 16 + 3? May, when the local elections took place. The figures are the number of seats won respectively by the Conservatives, the Lib Dems and the Greens in West Berkshire.
15  The owner of the Five Bells, Duncan Jones, has cooked for the Queen of England and of which other country? The Queen of Sweden.
16  Stop between Midgham and the Racecourse. This refers to railway stations and the answer is Thatcham.
17  Who dived 10,928 metres in April? Victor Vescovo, who went to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, the deepest point on earth.
18  Where would you be learning at RG20 8HL? This is the postcode for Welford & Wickham Primary School.

Please email the phrase (not the 18 individual answers) to with the subject ‘PP 2019 Xmas quiz‘ by noon on Wednesday 15 January 2020. Please be sure to add your name, where you live (the town or village name is fine) and your phone number (which we’ll only use if we need to contact you about this competition). Please also see the terms and conditions below.

The initial letters are in bold in the answers above. Re-arrange these and you’ll get Five Bells at Wickham, which is the answer I was looking for.

Many thanks again to all those who entered and to Duncan Jones, owner of the Five Bells, for donating such a wonderful prize. 

Terms & Conditions

• The winner will be selected at random from the correct or most correct entries received and notified by email within 48 hours of the closing date (see above). Acceptance must be confirmed by email within 48 hours of the notification or we will select another winner to whom this condition will also apply. The judge’s decision in all matters will be final.

• If you’re not already a subscriber to Penny Post, by entering this competition you’re agreeing to have your email address added to our circulation list. We do not pass on information to third parties and you can opt out at any time.

• Only one entry can be accepted from any one email address.

• The winner will be put in touch with the Five Bells directly to make the arrangements for redeeming the prize. 


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