Sourcing a Renewable Energy Supplier

renewable energy suppliers

Energy from fossil fuels intensifies levels of CO2 that are warming the atmosphere. Among a clutch of life-style changes that we can all make, ‘the biggest bang for your bucks’ comes from adopting renewable energy from a sustainable source, that uses sun, wind, and water to generate power.

There are now a range of ‘GREEN’ energy providers, all competing for your business, and many offering financial incentives if you switch.

Here are some of the greenest options:

BULB – 100% green energy. They have a refer a friend incentive.

ECOTRICITY – 100% green energy. They invest the money from your bills into new sources of green energy. They also support anti-fracking and are working towards becoming a carbon neutral business by 2025. (0808 123 0123)

GOOD ENERGY – Invests in renewable infrastructure. Offering £50 to switch. (0808 254 0004)

OCTOPUS ENERGY –  Cheaper, but not 100% green.



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