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Recovery in Mind is on a mission to improve the lives of adults living in West Berkshire with mental-health challenges by providing free-of-charge, inspiring and empowering courses.

We help people to take back control of their lives, find hope and to make the most of life’s opportunities whilst working out their own goals and aspirations and how to work towards them. We believe that both people who have lived experience of mental health challenges and those who are professionally qualified in the field of mental health share the important role of course trainers.  In fact, our peer trainers are people who started out on their journey with Recovery in Mind as students.  Come and experience our courses for yourself by starting out by attending a ‘Introduction to Recovery’ Bitesize session.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

Our ‘Bitesize’ course is in introduction to the concept of a ‘Recovery Journey’, followed by a six-week ‘Foundation, Welcome to Recovery course’.  There are two purposes to running our free creative workshops.

Firstly, the students can connect with one another (we call it ‘peership’). The second element is experiencing a variety of activities and days such as our ‘Winter Connections festival’ within a group. Studies show that creative activities help to focus the mind and have been compared to meditation due to their calming effects on the brain and body and the release of dopamine, a natural anti-depressant. ‘The rhythm of the music and the joy of creating something so different was a lovely way to end our day together,’ as one participant observed.

Our free courses and workshops are all designed to learn skills and tools to help manage and improve mental-health challenges. For more information about our free courses and student feedback then please visit our website  You can also follow our posts on Instagram and Facebook.


“I found the courses so helpful – they are not aimed at individual counselling but are about learning/studying together in a safe, caring environment. They are supportive, positive and forward looking; encouraging you to accept yourself and develop your own personal ‘wellness toolbox’.” 

“Recovery in Mind makes you look at mental health issues in a very different way.”

“I would like to say thank you to the Recovery in Mind team.  The course was really helpful and I do feel the benefits after the six-week foundation course. I’d like to carry on and join the regular mindful walks and other creative workshops.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshops, thanks to the warm and friendly staff.”


Get in touch with Recovery in Mind by visiting the website.


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