Newbury Town Council Climate Workshop

Newbury Town Council

Newbury Town Council was delighted with the turn-out to their first Climate Workshop on Saturday 28 September.

Council Leader Martin Colston explained that the council had commissioned an independent report by Carbon Footprint. The report concluded that the council’s annual carbon emmissions total 68.11 tonnes, 54 tonnes of which are attributed to electricity consumption.

The council aims to be carbon neutral by 2030, if not before, and is starting to analyse how to acheive this aim. There will be year on year targets and complete transparency throughout the process.

Break-out panels discussed a range of topics, including renewable energy, transport, building efficiency and tree planting, which the Climate Emergency Working Group will consider further.

Newbury Town Council will hold further climate workshops next year and they are keen to coordinate efforts with Thatcham Town Council and West Berkshire Council who have also declared climate emergencies.

The Climate Emergency Working Group, headed by Chris Foster, will report to the council’s Policy & Resource Committee on Monday 14 October and then issue a summary of the outcomes of the workshop and their forward plans.


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