How to help your dog through the fireworks season

How to help your dog through the Firework season

I don’t know about you but once upon a time 5th November was the only time you heard fireworks and maybe the nearest weekend to it – but nowadays we seem to have at least two weeks of fireworks going off at all times. If, like me, you have a noise-sensitive dog then you will need to help them as much as you can to get through what can be a traumatic time for them.

Some top tips are:

  • Always make a safe place for your dog to go in the house when they are feeling stressed – this could be under the table with a cover over it or in their crate if they are happy to do so
  • Never scold your dog for displaying fear-related behaviour as this will only exacerbate their anxiety – instead remain calm yourself and comfort them if they want to be stroked or massaged (some dogs will prefer to be left alone) so do read your dog’s body language
  • Take your dog out to relieve themselves before dark and feed them their meal earlier than usual as they may not want to eat once the fireworks start.
  • Close the curtains, put the lights on and turn your TV or radio up to cover up as much of the noise as possible.
  • Don’t leave your dog alone when the fireworks are going off and make sure the house and garden are secured as they may try to escape through fear.

If you or your neighbours are planning on having a firework party then please do let your neighbourhood know when to expect it to start and finish – so everyone can help their pets accordingly.

Keep yourselves and your pets safe and warm this fireworks season – and if you need any help please feel free to contact me.

Rhona Wilkins
07976 620840


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  1. It could be really very simple.

    To help one’s pet cope with fireworks: just BAN the horrible things. Yes, really.

    I sympathize/empathize ENTIRELY with any creature – animal or human – who is distressed by fireworks.

    Many people claim to be animal-/dog-lovers, yet are quite happy to let off fireworks, thereby mindlessly causing distress to many animals/dogs.

    As Rhona says, it used to be normally just the 5th November and/or the weekend nearest it when one had fireworks. Now it’s an entire season, lasting from when fireworks are available in the shops (sometimes soon after halfway through October) up to New Year.

    It’s scary to think that, in this time, anyone can let off fireworks at any time in any place – in the full knowledge that they’ll get away with it, unchallenged.

    My earplugs, in-earphones, and my sound-cancelling headphones will soon be being put to continous use once I see fireworks being sold in the shops.

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