The Benefits of Electric Scooters by Wessex Scooters, Electric and Vintage Scooter Specialists

Wessex Scooters are a small local scooter specialist in Brimpton Common near Thatcham with a worldwide reputation for excellence, builder of show winning vintage scooters and one of the first companies in the UK to become an official Ecooter electric scooter dealership.

The Benefits of Electric Scooters

We have always been environmentally aware and recycle all old metal, cardboard packaging, plastics and we go to huge lengths to ensure oils and any other hazardous materials are disposed of responsibly.

This is one of the reasons why we wanted to sell electric scooters, they are one of the best ways to get around and have one of the smallest environmental footprints for any vehicle.

Here are some of the advantages of electric scooters:

1. Minimal maintenance – Essentially only the tyres and brake pads need replacing when they are worn out, the electric motor is the only moving part, there’s no oil to change, no spark plug, no exhaust, ignition system, clutch etc Electric scooters really are very simple and rational in their design, utilising minimal components, there’s no liquid cooling or pumps, the running gear is just a very efficient electric motor which drives the rear wheel via a belt. They are fantastically logical without any excess.

2. Cheap to buy and use – At this point in time the prices start from £2159 which is cheaper than many petrol powered equivalents and even cheaper than some electric bicycles.

The battery can be removed and charged indoors which is handy if you don’t have a garage and need to park the scooter on the street, you can of course charge the battery when it’s installed on the scooter too.

Charging cost is between 50p and £1 per charge which works out at less than 2p per mile when riding, there’s almost nothing else which offers this kind of value.

3. Gadgets! With electric scooters being at the cutting edge of technology you can expect a vast array of helpful features, the Ecooters we sell have an alarm with GPS tracking, a light adaptive high resolution dash with outside temperature gauge, battery charge level indicator and trip meter, the colours on this are fully customisable using the phone app which also has many other features including route tracker, the ability to change various sounds which are emitted when using indicators, hazard lights etc.

4. Safety – Electric scooters have bright LED lights, linked hydraulic disc brakes, and a low centre of gravity for superb handling and a unique front suspension system modelled on aeronautical design.

5. Great performance & range – The Ecooter E1R has a range of 50-60 miles and a top speed of 55mph, the Ecooter E2R has an 80 mile range and even more power, for most commuters using scooters this is more than enough for their daily commute and it’s great fun to ride.

6. Benefits of two wheeled travel – free parking almost everywhere, ability to filter through traffic, small footprint which allows you to park in very small spaces, freedom! The feeling of being free from the confinements of a car and of course free road tax.

7. No noise pollution – slightly controversial but we like the fact that electric scooters are almost silent, noise pollution is a big problem in towns and cities and accounts for more stress and anxiety for people living close to busy roads – it’s also really nice to be able to pull up to the side of the road and have a conversation with someone without a running engine sound.

8. No air pollution/carbon emissions probably most important of all, very little environmental impact compared with traditional vehicles. Older two stroke engines were one of the worst polluters due to the engines burning fuel and oil together. 


More about Wessex Scooters

Wessex Scooters have a workshop located in Brimpton Common (RG7 4RN) and are open during the week from 8am-4pm and Saturday 8-am until midday.

The business is run by Neil Humphrey and Roger Green, two good friends from Newbury who for many years repaired and maintained a large number of vintage Vespas and Lambrettas between them before officially starting the business in 2016.

Neil is one of the most knowledgeable Lambretta experts in the country and has built some of the best vintage scooters in the UK.

Roger is the technical expert for the Veteran Vespa club and has written many magazine articles and
ridden all across Europe on vintage Vespas.

We are able to offer everything from a service on your scooter to a full restoration, tuning, upgrades as well as new and vintage scooter sales and replacement parts.

You can see an online magazine article about the work we do here.

Wessex Scooter comp winner
One of our customers winning the best scooter prize for a Lambretta built by us at Retro festival in Newbury

Contact Wessex Scooters





07775 558343

Unit 4. Blacknest Farm, Brimpton Common RG7 4RN


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