Easy Vegetarian Camping Recipes

Easy Vegetarian Camping Recipes

Even if you’re not vegetarian, veggie cooking works really well for camping. No hassle about keeping raw meat chilled and much less packaging. If you really want a bit of meat then chorizo works well as it doesn’t need to be chilled.

Mushrooms & Eggs on Sourdough Ciabatta

Fry mushrooms and garlic in butter(make sure garlic doesn’t burn). Place slice of ciabatta cut side down in pan alongside the mushrooms. Fry eggs. Turn ciabatta over. Place egg on each slice. Serve with mushrooms and chopped avodcado.


Fry tin of tomatoes with tin of borlotti beans. When gently bubbling, crack one egg per person into the pan. Wait for the egg to poach. Sprinkle with chopped coriander and optional hot sauce.

To add some smoky taste, you could fry some smoked tofu (or chorizo if you’re not strictly veggie).

Serve with a dollop of yoghurt and a slice of bread.


Fry onion, pepper, mushrooms. Remove from pan. Place a tortilla in pan to heat. Sprinkle with fried veg, cooked beans or lentils (from a tin or sachet or pre-cooked or sprouted at home), crumbled feta cheese, hot sauce, coriander. Place another tortilla on top. Allow to heat through. Serve with cubed avocado and BBQ sweet corn (see below).

 BBQ Corn on the Cob


Fresh corn on the cob – simply cooked over hot embers- you could do this on the bbq too.

Keep turning so it doesn’t burn (the more leaves you keep on the more the cob is protected).

If it’s fresh it will be juicy and you shouldn’t need any butter (just a bit of salt perhaps)

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