Donations & Voluntary Drivers Need to Support Elderly and Unwell Residents of the Lambourn Valley

Lambourn Surgery Amenities Fund

The Lambourn Surgery Amenities Fund needs money urgently to be able to continue to provide support needed by very sick local residents that is not provided by the NHS. This might include equipment for the home or financial help with heating bills to make their illness more comfortable and includes End of Life Care.  The fund relies on voluntary contributions so if any member of the Lambourn Practice would like to donate please write a cheque to The Lambourn Surgery Amenities Fund and give it in to the Surgery.

Lambourn Volunteer Driver Group

We provide transport in connection with medical, dental and optical appointments in the local area and further afield, Reading, Oxford and even London. This is a very valuable and useful service – working all down the Valley – but we need more drivers especially in East Garston and Great Shefford. So, if you feel able to help, please telephone 01488 71437 and we will give you more details

How We Work

An office in the Lambourn Memorial Hall is staffed by volunteers on Monday & Thursdays between the 10am and midday. Prospective customers call the office on 01488 71536 and give the details of the transport they require. Then the staff consults a list of Volunteer Drivers and telephones around to make the arrangements. Finally, the staff confirms the arrangements with the customer.

As a driver you have control over when you are available and where you are prepared to go. There is no obligation and you can always say NO. You volunteer your time- but get reimbursed for your car running costs, currently 50p/mile. This is the maximum the government allow before tax becomes a problem!

At the moment Drivers should not get called upon more than 2-3 times a month. However, we do need more drivers to get over the problems of availability.



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