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Hungerford Town & Manor

Town and Manor 2019 Trustee Elections

The Town & Manor held a public election for the Trustees of the charity on Thursday 20 June and had the highest turn out in its history.  More than double the number of voters attended to vote for up to 10 of the 13 candidates. The 10 elected trustees, and the votes cast for each, are as follows:

Adam Winslet – 264
Barbara Barr – 245
Fiona Hobson – 229
Ellie Dickens – 206
Bruce Mayhew – 200
Chris Scorey – 192
Greg Furr – 177
Philip Porter – 172
Tyrell Bossom – 164
Robert Hall – 160

Nicholas Lumley, Constable to the Town & Manor, said: “I was really pleased to see such a increase in turnout, as people are recognising the important work we do in the town.  This is their chance to get involved in this charity and have their say and I am looking forward to welcoming the new Trustees to the board.”

The next step is for the Trustees to be sworn in by the Steward of the Hocktide Court, Greg Furr, at the next meeting of the Board on 16 July.  They will then be asked to join further committees to assist with the management of the Town & Manor such as Finance, Buildings & Marketing, Fishery or Land Management & Commons.

The Town & Manor is unusual in that the majority of charities appoint trustees through an internal selection process, not through a public election.  This gives the Town & Manor a democratic mandate to continue its work which aims to bring benefit to the residents of Hungerford.

Nature Walks

The Town & Manor of Hungerford owns and maintains over 400 acres of land in and around Hungerford including Hungerford Common and Freeman’s Marsh and over 5 miles of waterways including the River Kennet, River Shalbourne, and River Dun. 

On 19 June, we hosted a walk and talk for the North Wessex Downs AONB walking festival which took us over Freeman’s and Hungerford Marshes. The walk was led by Land Management Secretary Robert James, River Keeper Rob Starr and John Swallow, who has been carrying out bird ringing and monitoring for us since 2011. John gave us fascinating information about some of the 113 species of birds that have been recorded here while Rob showed us some of the various forms of life found in the river. 

During the evening we saw water voles, a great spotted woodpecker, a bullhead and orchids as well as hearing a large number of different birds.

See the Hungerford Summer Festival website for more opportunities to attend similar walks with us in July.

New stalls at the Wednesday market

Our Wednesday street market has, as well as all our regulars, four new stalls this month:  Jemma Parsons with The Butchers Dog Sausage Compan;. Alee Olie’s olives and Turkish delight; Philippa Ponting’s Indian Fabrics and Richard Paget’s local apple juice 

We’d also like to thank everyone for helping with the parking on Tuesday nights (ie not parking in the marked bays after midnight).  The last few weeks have seen very few parking problems when the market comes to set up.

The Spotted Flycatcher

This little Spotted Flycatcher (Muscicapa striata to give it its formal namehas flown here from Sub Saharan Africa to breed and will return again in the autumn.

It is a site-loyal breeder, so it will return to the same breeding ground each year: this emphasises why it’s so important that we look after our local habitat as best we can.

All in all, 110 different species of birds have been monitored on our land by our hugely skilful Jerry Woodham and John Swallow.

Donations to local organisations

So far in 2019 The Town and manor has made the following donations:

Morley Lunches – £487.50 for general support.

Hungerford Bowling Club – £500 towards new irrigation system.

Friends of Hungerford Primary School – £150 towards fundraising event for theatre facility.

Triangle Field Committee – £50 towards Santa’s Grotto.

Camburn Educational Foundation – £112.50 for general support.

Hungerford Town Band – £750 towards new waterproof jackets.

Hungerford Cricket Club – £700 towards refurbishment of the pavilion.

Hungerford Summer Festival – £1,600 including bat talks.

Hungerford Youth & Community Centre – £3,000 for general support.

Friends of Hungerford Nursery School – £300 towards a water feature.

We still welcome further applications for this year – especially via the Good Exchange where our donations are usually matched by Greenham (we have an agreement in place with them).

Cows, Cars and The Common

The cows are back on the Common for the summer.  Please can we ask that everyone takes care when driving through the Common.

We are campaigning for the speed limit to be reduced to 30mph as every year at least one cow, often more, is killed through a collision with a vehicle.


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