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Boris on the Common

On Tuesday 30 July there was yet another incident of a cow being hit by a car on the Common. No one was seriously hurt in the car but the cow (which, believe it or not, is called Boris) received a large gash to the leg requiring treatment from the vet.

The speed limit on the Common is 40mph but the Town and Manor has for a long time been pressing West Berkshire Council to have this decreased at least to 30mph. Although the Town and Manor owns the Common it does not own the road and there is nothing it (or Hungerford Town Council) can do about reducing the speed limit.

As this latest incident shows, the presence of the cows presents a real hazard when driving on the Common which is rarely found elsewhere. The cows are also largely black which makes them that much harder to spot when the light is poor. Please exercise particular care when driving there.

The Wednesday market

Wednesday is market day in Hungerford, when cars give way to shoppers, traders and stalls filled with fresh fruit, vegetable, fish, meat, flowers, clothes, fabric, collectables and more. More stallholders have recently been added.

You’ll find the Hungerford Charter Market on the High Street just outside the Town Hall, starting early in the morning and packing away early afternoon. Don’t forget to check the Town Hall Steps and Magistrates Room, as both are often hired for indoor sales and are very popular for arts and crafts markets.

If you’d like a stall at the weekly Charter market, please speak to Darren on the Flower Stall.

The idea of a market in the town is not a new one. Hungerford is believed to have first held a market 771 years ago in 1248, during the reign of Henry III: this was formally confirmed by his son Edward I in 1296. 

Parking on in the High Street

Please observe the ‘No Parking after midnight’ signs which are put up on Tuesday afternoons in some bays on the Town Hall side of the High Street. Some traders, particularly Neil’s fruit and veg stand, set up very early in the morning and they can’t do this if vehicles are parked there. 

August events

The Town and Manor organises various events throughout the year, including nature walks, and these are publicised here and elsewhere. Due to holidays, there aren’t any planned in August 2019. There are, however, a number of events taking place in the Town Hall including a craft fair, a flea market and the meetings of various clubs and societies. You can keep up to date with what’s going on here.

If you want to hire the Town Hall or part of it for any event, please contact Jed Ramsay on [email protected].


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