Elections for Trustee of the Town & Manor of Hungerford – Thursday 20 June 2019

The Trustees of the Town & Manor of Hungerford stand for election every three years. This is your chance to be involved and elect the people you’d like to look after the Town & Manor of Hungerford, to help protect and preserve this beautiful part of the world and the unique ancient traditions for generations to come.

The polling station in the Town Hall will be open from 9am until 7pm. Anyone aged over 18 who lives in Hungerford, south of the River Dun (in other words, the majority of the town), is eligible to vote.  Those voting may vote for up to 10 candidates.

The candidates, who are not necessarily Commoners or living in the town, has each made a short statement. These are as follows, in alphabetical order:

Barbara Barr

I taught at John O’Gaunt school for 27 years. I have been a Commoner since 1981, a Trustee since 2006 and Constable in 2007-9. It was a privilege to serve as President of the St John’s Ambulance cadets, President and Chairman of the Town Band and currently as Chairman of the Camburn Educational Foundation. Proud to be a Hungerfordian, I’m willing to work for the town and its inhabitants.

Tyrell Bossom

I am 65 and have lived in Hungerford for 35 years. I have been a Commoner since 1994, was the Constable from 2000 to 2003, and have been a Trustee since 2000, currently with responsibility for finance. I run Crown Needlework, an independent retail shop on the High Street, with my wife Kathy.  

Ellie Dickins

I have lived locally for 22 years and have had a business in the High Street for over 20. I have been involved with the Town and Manor during all of my time here. I was Constable for the last 3 years and during that time, improved communications and updated the website and Facebook page. I am 50, have a background in sales and management, and am a Trustee and Chair of another charity. I wish to ensure the Town & Manor continues to benefit the residents and maintains the upkeep of the land and countryside that surrounds our beautiful town. Currently I am manager of the orchard and working on plans to create community events and will be launching our first batch of cider later this year.

Greg Furr

I have been associated with the Town & Manor of Hungerford for almost 20 years in many capacities, including 3 years as Constable, Fishery Manager, Buildings Secretary and Steward of the Hocktide Court in 2016. I have experience of contract negotiation and property management during 40 years in business. I believe it is important to preserve the traditions of the past whilst working to protect the environment and the unique character of Hungerford for the future benefit of the community. The Town & Manor plays a huge part in making the town a wonderful place to live and work. I wish to continue to contribute what I can as part of the Board of Trustees.

Robert (‘Fluey’) Hall

I am 48 and have lived in Hungerford all my life. I’m not a Commoner but have been a grazier for 6 years. I was Chairman of the Hungerford Round Table for two years, after a very successful career as the Southern Regional Marketing Manager for Barratt & David Wilson homes. I have just taken over and totally refurbished The Plume pub. I am very interested in bringing the Town & Manor and the people of Hungerford together to create a better awareness of the great work the charity does for Hungerford.

Fiona Hobson

I come from a family with a long standing history of service to Hungerford, and in particular The Town & Manor of Hungerford.I am passionate about the next generation gaining an understanding and interest in our heritage and to this end I instigated the Tutti Day crafts at Hocktide and have given talks to Hungerford Primary School. I am a local business person involved in community events, Chamber of Commerce, Town Team Hungerford and Visit Hungerford.  I am the secretary of Hungerford United Reformed Church.  I work well as a member of a team and bring passion and commitment to all that I do.  I have organised a community Macmillan Coffee morning for the last seven years. I was delighted to become the youngest serving trustee at the last election and would love to be able to continue serving the Town as a Trustee and so would be delighted if you would vote for me.

Robert James

I was born in 1938 in Church Street and have lived in Hungerford ever since. I studied Agriculture for five years and followed this with careers in the agriculture supply industry and farming and in travel management. I was first elected as trustee 1971 and have served continuously since. I have served as Constable (1978-80), Steward of the Hocktide Court (2003-16) and Hon Sec Commons & Land Secretary (1998 to date). I am passionate about Hungerford and the close linkage of the town with the ancient and unique charity of the Town & Manor. My objectives have been and remain the protection of all aspects of the 500-acre estate, managing the sustainability of the environment and encouraging local biodiversity, habitats and wildlife. I have had generous support from the town’s residents to date and I hope for even more in future.

Bruce Mayhew

A retired dentist, I have lived in the High Street for 40 years. I have been a Trustee for 25 years and a member of the Fishery, Commons and Buildings Committees. Having been Constable for 4 years and Tuttiman on two occasions I am well versed in the historical practices of our Town. I am absolutely passionate about our lovely town and committed to the Trustees who are making it an even better place to live, work and visit. I started the Hungerford Round Table as well as being President of our Rotary Club just 3 years ago. I like to move with the times, such as taking on new ways to communicate with the local population, such as Facebook. I am not only knowledgeable about our Town, but also wildly enthusiastic.

Philip Porter

I have thrown myself into the life of Hungerford and am a great supporter of the Town and Manor, participating as a member of the Commons and Fishery committees. I am currently the Hayward and can be seen on a daily basis monitoring the cattle on the Town & Manor land. Having grown up in Snowdonia, I was involved with livestock from an early age, this is a responsibility that I embraced enthusiastically. Preserving the unique attributes of the town, its high street, the common land, the river, the orchard and so much else is close to my heart and the opportunity to contribute to this effort would be a privilege.

Nick Schlanker

I am 55 and have lived in Hungerford for the last eight years. I am originally from a rural community in North Cumbria. My first job was working on a pig farm, although these days I work as a technology consultant. I am a Trustee of a local homeless charity and keen to help forge closer links between Town & Manor and the local community.

Chris Scorey

I am 65, a semi-retired local businessman, and have lived in Hungerford for 42 years. I have been a Trustee since 2012. My particular interests are the Common, Freeman’s Marsh, Hungerford Marsh and the Croft. As a non-commoner dog-owner living near the Marsh, I am keen to continue representing the views of all users of these important open spaces.

Jonathan Welfare

I am currently a Trustee of the Town and Manor. I am not a Commoner but live in the town. I was influential for much of the recent introduction of modern best practice in the Town and Manor’s affairs. I have extensive working experience of charity management, finance, land management and conservation; all essential to the responsibilities of the Town and Manor.

Adam Winslet

I am 46 and a Hungerford resident of 22 years. I run my own business, am hands-on and like to get things done. I am also an Arts for Hungerford committee member, a member of Hungerford Chamber of Commerce and Smarten-Up Hungerford. My skills includes singing and organising events. I have raised more than £20,000 for various charities.


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