Celebrating Pride at The Globe

Gay Pride is a month-long event worldwide aimed at raising awareness of the struggles, discrimination and mistreatment that homosexuality faces in many countries in the world: not just in areas such as the Middle East, but also in countries such as the US and the UK. There are often parades and parties with a rainbow theme, modelled after the Pride flag.

The rainbow flag was popularised by the artist Gilbert Baker in San Francisco during the 1970s. Variations exist, but the six-striped version is now widely recognised as representing the LGBT community worldwide.

From Fri 28 to Sun 30 June, The Globe in Newbury will be celebrating Pride as part of Pride Month. They will be using chalk to draw a rainbow on the pavement along with the words “one love” to show support for pride. They will also be offering Skittle Vodka, 20p of the purchase of that drink being donated to the charity “All Out”.

If you want to show your support, or you’re just interested in checking out the artwork, come along to The Globe Newbury at any point during the weekend and say hello! You can find them on Instagram here or go along in person to 148 Bartholomew Street.

All Out is a charity which fights for love and equality, running fundraisers, protests, petitions, and much more to make a change in the way homosexuality is percieved across the world.

Donations make all the difference to help this charity achieve real change across the world and help people that are victimised by those around them

Current plans include running an advert in defence of pride in Istanbulfunding pride Ugandafighting for marriage equality in the Czech Republic, and many more that you can look at here.



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