Two 2020 holiday ideas from Fare Wise Travel in Hungerford

2020 may seem like a long way away: but if you’re planning a special break next year, now’s a very good time to start thinking about it. Here at Fare Wise Travel in Hungerford, we have considerable experience of all the holiday products and destinations that we sell: more importantly, we’re happy to share this knowledge, so please contact us to explore the options.

It may also be that our suggestions below send your imagination spiralling off towards trekking in Nepal, taking in the sights of New York or game watching in Namibia. If so, we can help with these as well. However, one has to start somewhere – so here are two ideas from two different ends of the holiday spectrum…

Cruising in Madeira, the Canaries and the Azores

There are a number of excellent packages available for march 2020 departures taking in various combinations of these Atlantic islands (and sometimes Cape Verde, Spain and Portugal as well) with departures from Southampton, Liverpool or Newcastle. The on-board luxury of today’s ocean-going cruise liners is legendary: so too is the warmth of the spring sunshine in these Atlantic islands and, in the case of Madeira, the stunning botanical gardens and walking trails.

Skiing in Scandinavia

From December to April, snow is pretty much guaranteed in Finland, Norway and Sweden, and we have a number of attractive packages available at a range of resorts. Whether you’re experienced or a novice, travelling as a couple or with small children, we can help find the right time and venue for you. Departures can be made from several UK airports.


As we said above, contact us now to discuss the options on these or any other ideas you may have. Although it’s true that excellent last-minute deals can be had, you’ll be picking up what happens to be left (which may not be exactly what you want). Booking ahead can offer good savings too, as well as considerably more peace of mind.

Please pop in any time for a chat or call us on 01488 686858 or email or visit our website

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