New trains from Bedwyn to Paddington – first impressions by Tony Bartlett

New Bedwyn Train - 1

First impressions of the new trains from Bedwyn to Paddington

Just a few days ago I took a morning train to from Hungerford to Paddington. The train was one of the elderly turbo diesel units, and at 2-cars only it was absolutely heaving by the time we’d stopped to pick up at Kintbury, Newbury, Thatcham, Theale and Reading. The new trains will provide more space, and efficient electric traction from Newbury to Paddington.

I was at Hungerford station yesterday evening to catch one of the new trains to Bedwyn on the first day of the new timetable.

There was just one passenger waiting for the onward service, plus yours truly, although many home-bound commuters spilled out of the train.

At Bedwyn, the remaining passengers decamped before the unit proceeded to the upgraded turn-back siding at the back of the churchyard.  It was extensively re-engineered with a relocated footpath last year to accommodate the longer units.

New Bedwyn Train - 3
New Bedwyn Train – 3

It was very difficult to judge the comfort levels of the new trains on such a short journey, but I can confirm reports that you don’t sink into deeply upholstered seating. The ride did not seem as smooth as the old trains and the engine noise and vibration from the under-floor diesels was much more noticeable to passengers than from the remote power cars of the HSTs. However this is the new, more environmentally friendly, train and no doubt we will get used to it.

New Bedwyn Train - 2
New Bedwyn Train – 2


Tony Bartlett

Hungerford Photographer & Train enthusiast


2 Responses

  1. And also better bike space for touring bikes is desperately needed!!! Can the train designers really think that the pathetic little ‘cupboard’ provided is adequate.

    And – as someone who is neither young nor physically strong – I find it almost insulting that one is expected to lift one’s bike onto these apalling ‘meat hooks’!

    And finally – what about being more environment-friendly…. are people really going to reduce the use of their cars, if there’s such a lack of proper space for bikes on trains??

  2. It’s more frequent trains to London we need. I really don’t mind what it’s like so long as a train comes every 20 minutes!!

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