Advice about ticks from Julie & Alan at Oscar Pet Food

Did you know:

  • a single female tick can lay several thousand eggs at a time?
  • it can take up to 3 years for the adult tick to develop?
  • tick saliva contains anaesthetic? So your pet will not feel the bite & neither will you.

How to Detect Ticks on your Pet

Starting at your pet’s head work down the body searching for lumps on the surface of the skin. If detected part the hair to look more closely. NEVER ATTEMPT TO BURN, CUT OR PULL A TICK OFF OF THE SKIN, AS PARTS WILL BE LEFT BEHIND.

How to prevent ticks attaching themselves to your pet

Regular grooming will help to prevent ticks plus there are a variety of ways to help deal with ticks :-

Tick Away Spray – this is a very handy pocket sized sprays that you can carry with you when out. It’s a non-insecticidal product and when used freezes the tick causing it to drop off within a few hours, without any discomfort to the dog or the owner. If the tick is still there after 3 hours it should be easy to remove with a ‘tick pen’ or tweezers.

Flea & Tick Drops – these offer protection from ticks for upto 4 weeks for dogs (and at the time of treatment in cats), ticks will not attach themselves to your pet. Apply between the shoulder blades & at the base of the tail. It will take several hours for the product to work its way through the whole coat. The effectiveness of the product is reduced if the dog gets very wet, from swimming to being bathed. NOTE do not use the dog spot-on on cats and NEVER use either product on rabbits or guinea pigs.

Flea & Tick Collar – Only suitable for dogs over 3 months old. This is a waterproof collar that will kill ticks and prevent re-infestation for upto 4 months. It will take several hours for the product to work through the whole coat. Never use on a dog that is nursing puppies. If the dog shows signs of skin irritation, drowsiness, listlessness or respiratory problems then remove immediately. (Oscar do not sell tick collars for cats so we are unable to provide any information)

Don’t take our word for the effectiveness of the tick drops, here’s what one satisfied customer had to say:

Last summer started out as a very bad tick year. I was removing ticks after almost every walk. Enter Julie from Oscar’s with her tick prevention. It was like magic! No more ticks! I realised how well it worked when one tick appeared, which reminded me I had forgotten to apply it after a month (it had been about 5 weeks). Another application and all good again. Very highly recommended

Lyme Disease

This will only be transmitted if you are bitten by an infected tick, so most bites go un-noticed. For more information about this disease please visit

Alan & Julie Parry, your local Oscar franchisees sell a range of tick removal and protection products for your dogs & cats. Not only that but they’re on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have.

For more information or to order please contact:

Alan & Julie Parry
Oscar Pet Food

01235 759237 / 07914 015719



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