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About Hungerford Twinning Association

Hungerford and Ligueil (south of the Loire, near Loches and Tours) have been twinned for over 40 years.

The Twinning Association organises annual exchange visits, so why not get involved? You don’t have to speak fluent French to take part; in fact you would be surprised how many twinners communicate without the benefit of a shared language, but of course a smattering of French does help. And you don’t have to like French wine or cheese but you will still be given a lot by your guests!

If you have a spare bedroom you can host a French family, just a couple or an individual to suit your circumstances. But if you don’t have room to accommodate guests you can still be involved with helping to entertain our visitors.

You can join in as many of the organised events as you wish, including for example half day tours of local breweries or vineyards, or full day trips away in a coach to tourist attractions or shows like CountryFile Live. You are welcome to organise separate outings too and even when there are no scheduled events, you will easily find another host family happy to join forces and share their events with newcomers.

Families and individuals from both countries enjoy a rich cultural experience each year as we alternate playing host to twinning exchanges and many close friendships have been established between Hungerford and Ligueil families.

We also hold a monthly conversation morning at Hungerford Library to socialise and improve our spoken French (all abilities are welcome) and to share our love of French culture.

To find out more, please contact Penny Brookman on 01488 683314

Support us through West Berkshire Lottery

We need your help so we can offer a Bursary to a young person and accompanying adult to take part in a Twinning visit to enable our association with Ligueil to reach a younger generation. Please buy some West Berkshire Lottery tickets under our name and we receive 50p of every £1 you spend!

Memories of a recent Twinning visit to Hungerford

feeding swans

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Ligueil cocktails



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