Help save our Hungerford Wednesday market

Hungerford has a weekly market every Wednesday on the High Street. But already twice this year the popular veg stall has not been able to set up due to cars ignoring the Town and Manor signs on a Tuesday evening and parking in his stall location. If this continues to happen, the veg man will stop coming to Hungerford.

The veg man often arrives as early as 4:30am on the Wednesday morning so if you park in his slot (near the old Barclays) on a Tuesday evening then you need to move your car before 4.30am.

If you ever see a car parked in his slot late on a Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning please let the Town and Manor know the number plate and model (or take a photo) so they can put notices on the vehicle.

The restrictions do also apply all the way down the High Street to the Town Hall.

Thanks for you help and consideration.

Nicholas Lumley
Constable to the Town & Manor of Hungerford

[email protected]

01488 686555


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  1. SO glad to read this!!

    I love using that Veg market, and I will most certainly do all I can to get these arrogant inconsiderate motorists challenged.

    I wish there were means of actually towing these vehicles away – but I don’t suppose there IS….?

    And so these motorists just carry on in their mindless behaviour, because they CAN – unchallenged.

    If fining them has been the only way so far – are the fines hefty enough to actually deter them?

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