Green Machine Computers achieves ISO 14001 accreditation for Environmental Management

Green Machine Computers Ltd has recently received accreditation under ISO 14001, a set of rules which defines the standard for Environmental Management Systems of businesses.

Achieving this accreditation shows that a company has systems in place which enable it to reach specific good standards in terms of minimising the environmental impact of its operations, which forms an important part of its company ethos. It will also help Green Machine Computers continue improving its environmental performance and increase its range of potential customers.

The test to obtain this accreditation is administered by an independent external body which must be satisfied that Green Machine Computers has in place things such as: an Environmental Policy Statement; specific environmental objectives and targets; knowledge of relevant legislation and good practice; allocation of responsibilities specific staff members; regular performance reviews; processes for recording actions, correcting shortfalls and dealing with incidents; and a philosophy of continuous improvement.  Green Machine Computers’ systems and records will be independently audited once a year.

“We’re delighted to have achieved this accreditation,” Green Machine Computers’ MD Simon Crisp said, “which officially confirms the standards of environmental responsibility to which we’ve long aspired. It recognises that not only our systems but also our staff are fully committed to what is becoming an ever-important aspect of commercial governance.”

For more information, please visit Green Machine Computers’ website.



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