Charlton Primary School Pupil Achieves Bronze Award in National Maths Challenge

Wantage Primary School Student wins Maths Award

At a national Primary Mathematics Challenge last month, Liam Sadler, currently a Year 5 pupil at Charlton Primary School in Wantage, achieved the Bronze award by scoring 16 points (at the higher end of Bronze level).

This a wonderful achievement by Liam, who showed his considerable maths skills across a range of mathematical challenges.

Following the initial round of the event held at Cranford House School, Liam was invited to take part in a Bonus Round which is where he achieved his remarkable result.

Liam commented afterwards: “I thought the event was fun. I enjoyed the final harder questions the most and would like to take part in another event like this again”.



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  1. Hi
    I am Dr Christine Walters and Liam’s teacher. Please can you correct an error in your press release? The initial round was held at Charlton Primary school. Over 67,000 pupils from UK and overseas took part, at their respective schools. The competition is organised by the Mathematical Association.
    The Cranford House competition was an entirely separate affair!
    Thank you

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