Bank Restoration of the River Dun

Action for the River Kennet (ARK) the Rivers Trust for the Kennet catchment have returned to Bearwater in Hungerford to restore a stretch of the River Dun.

On Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 March regular ARK volunteers, made up of local people and the retirement estate Manager Peter Hussey, along with enthusiastic residents were led by ARK Project Officer and Volunteer Co-ordinator Anna Forbes and set to work transforming the collapsing riverbank.


Peter Hussey of Bearwater, one of Cognatum’s 60+ retirement estates, had approached ARK for advice and help to protect and restore a badly eroded 20 metre section of the riverbank on the beautiful River Dun.  While each estate has its own unique character and layout, Bearwater in particular has the most delightful natural marshland which is carefully managed to support as much wildlife as possible and we are most grateful to ARK and the army of volunteers that came to help us.

‘It was lovely to return to Bearwater once again, we carried out a very successful project on the river there in 2017 and are always made so welcome’, said ARK’s Anna Forbes.

ARK and their volunteers will be returning at the beginning of April to work with residents to plant a range of native marginal plants into the bank work. These will have many benefits, the roots and rhizomes will grow and consolidate the bank. The plants will visually enhance the area as well as being an excellent habitat for a host of creatures including water vole, insects, birds and fish.


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