Arts for Hungerford and Hungerford Primary School launch joint initiative

Arts for Hungerford and the Hungerford Primary school are entering into a joint initiative to provide inspirational arts experiences for pupils of the school.

To this end Arts for Hungerford will donate £1 from each ticket sold to a fund which will be used to provide performances, demonstrations and tuition within the school. Arts for Hungerford will assist in sourcing artists from their regular programme and contacts.

Hungerford Primary School is looking to promote the arts, including music, dance, drama and art for all children to enjoy and access at all levels. This will include adding a range of music and art books into the library and organising workshops and concerts. Hungerford Primary School is looking forward to working alongside Arts for Hungerford, and the amazing opportunities that we can give each other.

Additional funding will initially be sought from Greenham Common Trust and Hungerford Town Council.

This is an extension of the work Arts for Hungerford is already doing in this field with Young Musicians Concerts, Masterclasses, the Children’s Arts Festival and free tickets to under 18s.

This agreement will initially apply to all events which take place between 1 September 2019 and 30 June 2020.

For further information please contact Tony Drewer-Trump 07590 555 877 or


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