Zero Waste Packaging Not Included Shop in Marlborough

Packaging Not Included, the brainchild of Hayley Lambert (see interview below), is Marlborough’s zero waste shop in Hughenden Yard.

What We Sell

Hayley sells flour, sugar and baking ingredients, pasta and grains, dried fruit and chocolate, nuts and seeds, herbs and spices, oils, soya sauce, tea and coffee, wine, frozen and fresh produce and bakery items, household cleaning and personal care products and lots more.

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How It Works

There are lots of products that you can buy as you would in any other shop.

To weight the loose products in your own container, this is what you need to do (see video demonstration below):

You put your container on to the scales and print out a label. The label tells us the tare weight (empty weight) of your container. Leave the sticker on for future uses. 

Fill your container with however much you need of a single product. You can always use a funnel to help avoid spillages. 

You can re-weigh your full pot to find out how much your product costs, or take it to the till which will automatically deduct the weight of your container.

Opening Times

For latest opening times visit the website

Contact Details

Packaging Not Included
7 Hughenden Yard
Marlborough SN8 1LT

07884 252989

Interview with Hayley

From saxophone teacher to eco-retailer – that’s quite a career change. How did it happen?
 I had been considering doing something different for a while, but wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. Over the summer in 2017, I came across Earth.Food.Love’s website and was captivated by the idea of zero waste shop. I have been passionate about organic food, ethical shopping and being kind to the environment for many years, so this was actually a very logical step for me, despite the seemingly huge change of direction!

What help have you had setting up the business?
I got a loan through the Government’s Start-Up Loans scheme and have had help and advice along the way from other zero waste shops. My husband has been a huge help! He is endlessly patient and has a very level head. All of the suppliers that I am working with have been absolutely brilliant and lots of people who have helped to get the shop ready have been very generous with their time and expertise.

What have you learnt on the way?
You have to be kind to yourself and accept mistakes. It’s a huge learning curve and as long as you are trying your best everyday, you can’t do any more. 

What has surprised you along the way?
I have been surprised and inspired by how kind, generous, sharing and supportive people have been. As a self employed musician, you often feel alone, but this project has made me feel part of something bigger – there’s a real sense of community around the zero waste movement. There’s also a fantastic sense of community amongst the independent retailers in Marlborough, who have offered me lots of advice and support.

Third Anniversary update

Despite, or perhaps due to the pandemic and lockdowns during which they could stay open, PNI has developed a strong core of loyal customers. The last two years have offered up numerous challenges though and Hayley doesn’t expect 2022 to be any different. Rising costs in the supply chain, increased transport costs and rising energy bills will drive up prices and some of this cost will have to be absorbed by her small business. She doesn’t think it can or should all be passed onto the customers and wants to offer the best value possible. Hayley has also set herself the challenge to make PNI Net Zero. This process will take years, but has already started with help and support from the Swindon and Wiltshire Growth Hub.

“There is so much green-washing now which is incredibly frustrating when you are genuinely passionate about your business being as truly green as possible,” Hayley explains. “This year we will review our emissions with the aim of reducing our CO2(e) to Net Zero as soon as possible. This is better than being Carbon Neutral as being Net Zero is about reducing emissions to an absolute minimum and only being allowed to off-set a small amount of unavoidable CO2(e). Carbon Neutrality (or even Carbon Negativity) allows any amount of off-setting which means that a company doesn’t actually need to reduce their emissions at all. Our CO2(e) audit will be a long and complicated process as it will require a review of our supply chain, not just the shop. Current official pledges ask businesses to halve CO2(e) by 2023 and reach Net Zero by 2050. As you may guess, I feel that we need to act with more urgency.”

For consumers, making sustainable choices is not always easy as there are so many businesses jumping on the eco bandwagon without actually delivering the goods. But Hayley makes it easy by stocking the right products for you to choose from. All you have to do is save your containers to fill up at her shop. 


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