How to Support NAWT Trindledown Farm

Trindledown National Animal Welfare Trust just outside Great Shefford is a sanctuary dedicated to caring for those animals enjoying the twilight years of their lives. The centre is home to both field animals and domestic pets. It also seeks permanent new homes for animals that have been brought for numerous reasons such as neglect and bereavement of their original owners.

Trindledown is open 11am-4pm seven days a week and is TOTALLY reliant on donations, external fundraising, onsite events and volunteer support.

They have a cafe with homemade cakes and sell honey, local preserves and crafts. They also now sell pet food every day at the centre for a donation.

March 2020

All this rain is badly flooding us. Public access is restricted and we have extra costs to replace a lot of fences and buy hay and food for animals who normally graze on grass. Please support our emergency fundraising campaign here or donate raffle prizes to us so we can continue to raise money to look after our wonderful animals.

Online Shop

Trindledown has a new-to-you shop on site open 7 days a week (which needs a few more volunteers please) and NAWT BERKSHIRE: Trindledown Treasures Online Shop (to find what you’re looking for, use the search box)


If you would like more information please contact 01488 638584.


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