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As well as the weekly newsletters, Penny Post also publishes:
 monthly newsletters for Hungerford and the Lambourn Valley 
 seasonal Guides to Local Courses, Classes & Workshops 
 School Holiday Activity Guides

Our Lovely Readers

We have over 4,800 subscribers across the area without whom Penny Post would not be possible. 

Here are some examples of the kind of feedback we get from our readers:

“Penny Post is as vital as ever, but even more so in current circumstances.” Anthony Buckwell, Hungerford

“Penny Post is a hive of info and helps us feel connected to the local community.”
E.S., Hungerford Newtown

“Penny Post provides as invaluable service to our local community: genuine recommendations, unmissable events and interesting news and tips.”
Catherine, Newbury

“Colourful, informative, comprehensive -the weekly Penny Post e-newsletter’s got the lot! Highly recommended reading if you want to know what’s going on locally.”
Brian Radford, Newbury

Penny Post is stunning – detailed, informative, entertaining and comprehensive. The considerable amount of information it conveys could be reproduced as a straightforward, factual and rather boring newsletter but you’ve given everything a wonderful twist that makes it a pleasure to read and to use. Very well done indeed.”
N.D., Hungerford

“May I just say how much I admire the way you get your newsletter out week after week, full of items of interest.  I hope your damaged chick soon recovers.”
Lister Hickson, Great Shefford

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