John O’Gaunt School Supports Charity in Ghana

John O’ Gaunt School in Hungerford welcomed its students and staff back to a new term with a whole school assembly renewing their commitment to helping those who need it the most.

Ex-student Toby Quinn and his mum Penny Locke came back to share their experience of visiting the work done by local charity Action Through Enterprise in Lawra (a deprived area of Northern Ghana) and to show JoG students what has been done with the money they raised last year.

Toby had volunteered at the Action Through Enterprise office in Ramsbury as part of his Duke of Edinburgh qualification for 18 months before going to Ghana in February 2018. He and his family raised the money they needed to take donations of clothes, mobile phones, glasses, school bags, football kit and footballs on the long two and a half day journey to Lawra.

“John O’Gaunt is proud to have pledged to raise £500 a year, for 3 years, to support the vital work of Action Through Enterprise,” explains Vice Principal Corinne Walker. “We are doing this to help ensure that children in Lawra have access to food and education. This week is JoG’s second Ghana week and varied activities will run at lunch time until Friday, to raise the money.”

Many children in Lawra come from families who can only provide them three meals a week at home. The students walk up to two hours each way to school and they had no food at school so they were weak and couldn’t concentrate in class. Now that ATE provides lunches in six schools across the district, the students get enough to eat and can learn much better and have a chance to get qualifications and work.

Each lunch costs only 20p, so £500 provides many lunches for hungry school children in Lawra!

If you would also like to help and make a donation, you can do so by dropping it into the school office or donating to ATE online here.


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