Into the Light Home Healing with Emma Loveheart

Who is Emma Loveheart?

I am a home healer and I make homes happier! I have the ability to tap into spiritual and universal energy to work specifically with energy in a home, plus the people within it. This skill came to me several years ago and has allowed me to build my home healing business to help change people’s lives around the globe.

What is Home Healing?

Within a home, I connect to and work with any draining energy to clear it away or alter it so that only positive energy is left. I am also able to connect to energy on people and pets to clear away any unwanted energies that could be attached. I am able to connect to the energy remotely, so I do not need to visit a home. My clearing work has allowed people to settle into a new home, be able to sell a home as well as relieve stresses that cause constant tension and the feeling of everything going wrong.

What energies do you work on?

I work with three main areas. Firstly, I work with psychic stresses. This could be stuck spirits, perhaps a previous owner who died in the house, or it could be psychic entities causing paranormal activity. Secondly, I work with earth stresses, otherwise known as geopathic stress. These stresses can cause sleeplessness, tension between family members and in some cases ill health. Lastly, I alter and protect a home from electro-magnetic stresses caused by masts and sub-stations.

How do you know if you have stressful energy around you?

Do you feel at peace where you live? Is your home a sanctuary? Do you feel comfortable with the space around you? Do you feel energised and nourished by the space around you? Do you sleep well? Is everyone living at home calm and respectful?

Everything is made up of energy. Some energy we can see, some we cannot. Energy can be positive or negative, and where positive energy makes us feel good, negative energy is very draining. If you are living with negative energy either within your home or within relationships, this can cause you stress and sometimes illness.

How long does it take?

Healing an average size home takes between 1 and 3 weeks of slowly working with the energies to clear them. The time however, will mostly depend on how much work there is to be done. The amount of work does not always reflect the size of the property, but mostly larger properties will take longer to clear.

How much does it cost?

Prices start at £195 and I offer free assessments giving a free energy report and overall vitality reading of the property.

How do I get my free report?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the energy in your home, or simply would like a report, you can contact me either via my website or email me direct on

Case Studies

Please visit my website to read a variety of case studies from my work over the past two years.


Thank you so much, I will be eternally grateful to you for being so kind and quick to rescue us. My son and I arrived home this evening at 7pm and the first difference was he walked straight through the front door, having hesitated ever since we moved in 2 years ago. I also feel calmer and warmer. We are also seeing glimpses of our son coming back and he has eaten something decent for the first time in months.
Louise, Berkshire

Thank you Emma Loveheart for the wonderful work you did. I am not sure how it all works but only know that we are a much calmer, peaceful and happier household, which is all I need to know.
Esther, Berkshire

My two-week-old tension headache has now disappeared (I never used to suffer from them before moving here last November) and I slept well, waking refreshed.  Thank you!
Chris, Oxfordshire

Thank you so much for everything you have done, our house now feels like a home.  I am delighted to say, for the first time in 4 years, a sensor light which was situated in the downstairs loo/cloakroom has finally stopped turning on randomly at all hours. The house now feels peaceful, safe and protected. I feel much more relaxed and positive.  My husband is less stressed and much calmer too. I can’t thank you enough!!
Flossy, Kent


For More About Emma

Listen here (from 16mins 20sec)  to an interview with Emma talking about her work and her personal journey into home healing.


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  1. Please can you Heal My daughter’s house. 92 Arsenal Road, Eltham, South East London, Se9 1JY. I have tried reiking house, but feel there are entities (sprites ?) energies there that are stuck and mischevious causing trouble.

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