Insomnia Epidemic Amongst Business Owners

It is not just the inability to sleep; it’s the inability to sleep well. Some people function perfectly on 4 hours each night, some people need 10 hours to feel normal each day. I am not going to tell you what can be found elsewhere; you know you can’t sleep; you know you are not thinking well; you know how fatigued you are; you are aware of the physical symptoms; and you know you are trapped in what may feel like a spiralling vortex of worry and concern.

So why do business owners suffer from insomnia? Mostly because you are wholly dependent on yourself for everything! Especially if you are the small business owner; who isn’t in a position yet to outsource or to employ help.

Your 24/7 recurring thoughts are drowned out by more immediate concerns throughout the day; until you put your head on the pillow. Some of you may immediately fall into a deep sleep only to wake to your recurring thoughts a couple hours later. Some of you will find it impossible to just drift off and still be awake at 2am.

There are many examples; but you know you are not sleeping well. And you can’t shut your brain up!

You have probably seen your GP and tried the 1 hour of no stimuli before bed; the no caffeine after 2pm; no heavy meals; the no napping in the day (sounds like we are dealing with a toddler), writing your thoughts down and finally the sleeping pills which may not have the desired long term effect.

Everyone else can do all the coping stuff like drinking coffee or alcohol, eating comfort food, watching TV; just not you because you’ve been advised by professionals to avoid all stimuli! More frustration added to your vortex of worry and concern.

Why is that? Simply put – you are full up. You are no different to that poor old goldfish swimming in fish tank full of water that hasn’t been changed for months, (can you imagine?). Same thoughts; not going anywhere; no solutions; no clarity and minimal but distracted focus.

They can’t leave and nothing new can come in to help your sleep and ultimately your business grow.

However there is always a solution.

Every week I work with people who are simply physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted. I often ‘see’ a head full of greyish energy; old and stale. How do you expect to be vibrant and have fabulous vitality when nothing new can come into your mind?

The solution is simple (we all know the simplest solutions are the best). By using an ancient method which was known as ‘External Chinese Medicine’ – you will usually find that your sleep pattern improves immediately. I use a protocol specifically validated for people who experience insomnia. Simple.

What do you have to do? Nothing except be in a safe place. Oh and call me.

Speak soon,

Heide Cussell
Pranic Healing with Heide


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