Survival Guide to Halloween and Bonfire Night

1. Safety Message from Thames Valley Police

Click here for important advice on how to trick-or-treat safely and how to prevent unwanted knocks on the door.

2. Think about the animals

Important advice advice from Hedgehog Bottom Charity in Thatcham on ensuring no hedgehogs or wildlife are inside your bonfire before you light it.

Top tips for helping dogs who are scared of fireworks from Rhona at Paws4Transformation.

3. Think about your teeth

Kids asking for a mountain of sweets this Halloween (and every other day of the year)? This spooky soup recipe recommended by Lambourn Valley Dental Practice is an eye-popping distraction from sweets.

And here are some of their top tips on protecting your teeth from the sweets you do eat: top teeth tips for Halloween

4. Think about the planet

Click here for ideas on how to make the most of your pumpkin and avoid sweet wrappers!

5. Think about the pain

Fireworks are fun but when you’ve seen a near-miss, or (god forbid) an injury, it is very sobering. Here is RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accident’s Safety Tips for Fireworks, Sparklers and Bonfires

6. Think about your dignity

Top tips on how adults should not to behave at Halloween…

7. Think about reading a spooky story

Instead of going out, it might be safer to stay home and read a spooky story… try Colour-blind written for Penny Post last week by Brian.



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